New Book Reveals Revolutionary Cancer Prevention Strategies and Treatments


Derby, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/25/2013 -- A new step-by-step guide to cancer prevention, early detection and cancer survival, Cancer Uncensored, has been officially launched and is now available online at, Amazon and the Google Play app store.

“One in three of us will get cancer within our lifetimes, yet 85 percent of cancer is preventable. The book, Cancer Uncensored, tells you how,” says author Christopher C. Evans, based in Derbyshire, United Kingdom.

Cancer Uncensored, according to Christopher, reveals what connects the people who don't get cancer and what connects those who survive it.

“With this vital information, you may drastically reduce your risk, or increase your chance of survival, adds Christopher.

Cancer Uncensored, which also includes an A to Z of anti-cancer superfoods which have been shown to KILL cancer cells, helps more than just cancer patients. According to Christopher, he has lost 32 pounds putting the information into practice because he uncovered five critical factors for quick weight loss without exercise.

“The information contained within the book, can also help with heart disease, diabetes, migraines, depression and more,” adds the author.

Claiming everyone who wishes to stay cancer-free should get this book, Christopher says readers will discover for themselves:

The top foods that significantly reduce your cancer risk.
The top foods shown in studies to kill cancer cells.
The top things to do to reduce your risk.
The top things to avoid to reduce your risk.
How to use your psychology to increase survival rates, and much more.

With experts claiming cancer is at its highest levels ever, with one in three people estimated to be diagnosed within their lifetime, the author adds that in the same breath, cancer treatment success rates haven’t noticeably improved since 1975 despite the hundreds of billions of dollars spent on research.

“Incredibly, even though the effectiveness of the mainstream protocols of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy is questionable, they are the only legally allowable cancer ‘treatments’,” the author notes.

However, with all other potential means of eliminating cancer being legally prohibited from being called “treatments” by EU directives and US law, Christopher says this move has had the effect of creating a monopoly on treatment and suppresses all other treatment possibilities - even those treatments considered mainstream in other countries, such as hyperthermia.

Breaking ranks, the author says Cancer Uncensored lays out alternatives for fighting cancer that mainstream doctors are forbidden to tell their patients about. But the information within is compatible with both conventional or alternative medicine, so it is suitable for everyone.

What makes Cancer Uncensored different from all other cancer guides is the fact that it promotes foods or extracts which have been proven by mainstream science to inhibit or kill cancer cells in laboratory studies, animal studies, human clinical trials and epidemiological studies.

“With Cancer Uncensored, you get the A-Z list of anti-cancer super foods to add to your diet and the step-by-step cheat sheets to make it easy,” says Christopher.

Considered the most informative health related book on the prevention and treatment of cancer, Cancer Uncensored is a book, (available as an eBook, an app for Android devices, an audio book, a paperback book, a video series and a live event) that gets you clued up on prevention and survival techniques without drastic medical therapies or surgery.

For further information about the book, Cancer Uncensored, please visit the website:

Christopher C. Evans is the author of Cancer Uncensored ( and the Technical Director of Drug-Aware Ltd (, a UK medical diagnostics and training company founded in 2001. He commenced his career at a Forensics laboratory, specialising in Drugs Misuse and Toxicology for 5 years, before expanding into medical diagnostics, training and consultancy. As a professional lecturer and trainer for over 17 years, he has frequently provided expert commentary to national press, television and radio.

Christopher’s roots in medical diagnostics subsequently enabled him to expand into the health, beauty and nutrition markets, with such business interests as

Christopher has helped to promote the early diagnosis of cancer through several different novel diagnostic tests over the last 17 years, but has found the medical and cancer research communities to be extraordinarily resistant to change and new technologies.

So he decided that the power to make a change should be put squarely in the hands of the patient and not the practitioner. The end result is the book, Cancer Uncensored – your step-by-step guide to cancer prevention, early detection, and cancer survival.

Media Contact:
Christopher C. Evans
Derby, Derbyshire, United Kingdom