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New Book Reveals the Real Steps Used by Successful Entrepreneurs on How to Launch a Profitable Business


Canberra, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/10/2013 -- Blueprint Entrepreneur of Canberra, Australia has just published a new book that gives the actionable steps an entrepreneur can use to launch a profitable business.

Canadian writer entrepreneur, Michael Alexis has worked with Andrew Warner (Mixergy) and Ramit Sethi (I Will Teach You To Be Rich). Alexis wrote the popular post 'Ramit Sethi Exposed: How He Earns Millions Blogging' and now reveals the secrets that successful entrepreneurs use to launch a profitable business.

Combining the methods used by James Altucher, Ramit Sethi, Clay Collins and more. Alexis has created an amazingly actionable and insightful book for entrepreneurs.

Here are some of the secrets revealed:

- How to find a killer business idea that is actually profitable
- Two simple steps to generate near infinite ideas
- An easy method to kill off bad ideas so you don’t waste time or money
- Two quick questions to see if your idea is profitable or not
- Discover how to go deeper with your idea and charge more than competitors
- An ingenious way to setup a website that generates ‘instant’ traffic
- How to make better decisions from day one that will save you months or years of time testing
- How to get competitor insights to boost your business forward
- The obvious but rarely used method to understand your clients so well that they are happy to pay 10x what competitors charge
- A fool proof way to create an irresistible offer that always improves
- Smart ways to grow quickly with non-scalable strategies that can lead to millions
- Lead generation strategies with growth hacking
- Insights into how to be remarkable and become the talk of the town
- 7 complete ways to get traffic to your business

By now, I’m sure you get the idea. The plain fact is if you have any interest whatsoever in launching a successful business, you must read this book. It’s easy to access. All you have to do is visit Amazon here and download the ‘Find Your Profitable Business Idea and Make Your First Sale - Your step by step guide to business launch’.

The book is available for free from the 11th to 15th of May and exclusive to Amazon. The book an Amazon exclusive and available as a kindle ebook allows readers to enjoy the book on any digital platform. Including computer, Nook, Kindle, iPad, and many more. Visit Amazon here to check out the book now.

About Michael Alexis
Michael Alexis sold his first startup in his 20’s and has worked with successful entrepreneurs Andrew Warner and Ramit Sethi. His posts ‘Ramit Sethi Exposed: How He Earns Millions Blogging’ and ‘The Ultimate Guide to Building a Recurring Revenue Business From Scratch’ have been read by tens of thousands of people.

As the founder of WriterViews, Alexis has also interviewed many influential writers and entrepreneurs including Neil Patel, Derek Halpern and David Cain.

For more information about ‘Find Your Profitable Business Idea and Make Your First Sale’, please visit or contact Jamie Cheng at +61 410 121 592.

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