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New Book Says Bar Exam Is Easy, Details How to Pass Bar Exam


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- Twice a year, thousands of law school graduates seek the Holy Grail on how to pass bar exam. Deemed as one of the hardest tests on earth, bar takers are often willing to buy or study anything in order to pass the bar exam so they can practice law. A controversial new book, The Bar Exam is Easy, says most law grads waste egregious amounts of time and money in hopes of passing the bar.

Kris Rivenburgh, author of The Bar Exam is Easy, said the secret to bar exam success came to him while studying in his apartment kitchen. “The bar exam itself is actually pretty simple if you study from a historical basis,” Rivenburgh said. “Unfortunately for law students, bar prep courses like to muddy up the road because it’s big business.”

The bar exam study business is a multi-million dollar industry in which several bar review companies are all vying for a piece of the pie. Rivenburgh claims that dollar signs rather than the best interests of students motivate curriculum and study materials.

“Look, they’ve got to justify whatever they’re charging – whether it’s $500 or $5,000 – so they want to dazzle students with extras like apps, video, essay graders, flash cards, etc. It all sounds great in theory but in truth it’s a minor convenience at best.”

“Can a bar prep course help you pass the bar exam?,” Rivenburgh continued. “Sure, but when you get to the heart of the MBE and essays, you realize the lectures and outlines were a complete waste of time and ultimately you didn’t need the course at all – just a few books.”

Rivenburgh, who passed the February 2012 Texas bar exam, thinks The Bar Exam Is Easy can help bar takers in any state pass the bar while saving time and money.

“My book is a great value at $9.99 and takes maybe 30 minutes to read. I tell you exactly how to study step-by-step. I answer the frequently asked questions bar takers have. I even show you what bar exam study materials you do need to buy. I effectively eliminate the need for a bar review course.”

While Rivenburgh’s position on studying for the bar will undoubtedly clash with traditionalists, his positive outlook on the bar exam does offer confidence to bar takers going forward.

About The Bar Exam is Easy
The Bar Exam Is Easy is a Best Seller in Bar Examination Test Preparation and rated 5 stars. For more information, visit TheBarIsEasy.com. People may also ask Kris Rivenburgh for bar exam advice via Twitter or Facebook on TheBarIsEasy.com.