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New Book Says 'No More Bull' to Fiction Authors; Offering Clear-Cut Publishing Guidance

Ridding readers of the fluff and filler that many publishing books use to appear authoritative, K.C. Baylor’s ‘The No Bull Method to Publishing’ cuts right to the chase. Offering a myriad of vital make-or-break resources to getting fiction published properly, the book is being welcomed by authors around the world.


Darby, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2013 -- If there’s one thing K.C Baylor hates, it’s the sea of filler pages and fluff offered by so-called publishing ‘gurus’; offering endless opinion but very little substance. As an antidote to the many publishing books currently on the market, ‘The No Bull Method to Publishing’ does exactly as it says on the cover.

Clear-cut, succinct and chock-full of DIY publishing information, it’s the how-to guide that other publishing professionals thought too risky to write.


Are you a writer? Are you tired of receiving rejection letters? Learn everything you need to know about self-publishing, marketing and promoting your fiction and urban fiction titles. Real information and real resources without the fluff. No more guess work on how to publish or self-publish your fiction. No more wondering on how to market or promote your books because its all in one place. The No Bull Method to Publishing is a comprehensive step by step guide that not only answers all of your questions but lists the links and companies to aid you in your journey.

The No Bull Method to Publishing is loaded with information and links to help get your fiction titles out of your head and into the world. Stop wasting your time buying books filled with pages and pages of fluff and opinions and no facts. If you are looking for real information and actual steps complete with a listing of links throughout each step then The No Bull Method of Publishing is what you need.

Say no to fluff and walking in literary circles. Get the information you need to help you achieve real success. Your characters are waiting to jump off the page. So why not let it be NOW?

As the author explains, fiction authors deserve more than a book of waffle with no meat.

“This product is unique because its entire mission is based on eliminating the fluff or filler pages that people don't need. Just like the title suggest, it’s time for no more bull when it comes to getting access to publishing tools that will aid the writer in their fiction writing journey,” says Baylor, Owner of the popular ‘Urban Fiction News’ blog.

Continuing, “Authors shouldn’t be trying to guess what is next. They deserve real information and real resources, without reading through 200 pages to get to it.”

Critics praise Baylor for the diligent efforts she is taking to assist fellow authors. With the book and its concept garnering growing attention, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘The No Bull Method to Publishing’ is available now. For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://www.thenobullmethod.net

About the Author: K.C Baylor
K.C Baylor is the owner of the popular blog Urban Fiction News. She is also a writer of both fiction and non-fiction titles as well. She has been a lover of fiction for as far back as she can remember. It is because of her love of a well spun tale and the lack of solid DIY information that she has spent years researching the publishing industry. Disgusted with the lack of direct and to the point information she needed to see her work thrive she decided to provide it herself. Her goal was to provide other writers of both fiction and Urban Fiction all of the information they needed in one easy to read Ebook.

She knows how important having the right information is to the success of any author. With only real information and resources pointing fiction writers in the right direction they can introduce their characters to the world!!