The Trashing of America

New Book Suggests 'American Solution' Must Be from God

An anonymous author/publisher, writing as “An Old Vietnam Vet,” has released a new Book titled ‘The Trashing of America: How Marxist Thugs Hijacked Our Nation.’ The core message is that it doesn’t matter who the President is, because God cannot bless America until its people restore the heroic morality that made America great.


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/12/2012 -- The author points out that America is clearly under God’s judgment, as evidenced by so many unprecedented violent weather and natural events. These are quickly following events such as legislation promoting abortion and homosexual marriage.

The author states that not even a Washington, Lincoln or Reagan could get America back on track until its people have individuals renew their commitment to Jesus Christ. The man referring to himself as “An Old Vietnam Vet,” writes that he is in agreement with Mother Teresa who, in 1996, when asked to identify the poorest Nation she had ever visited, said, “This one.”

The Trashing of America begins with an account of how the author led a First Cavalry Platoon in Vietnam, in 1965 and captured documents written by Ho Chi Mihn promising victory because of the support he knew he had from the American Press and from Hollywood.

The author points out the real “baby-killers” of the 60s were the protestors who kept encouraging the Communists in Vietnam. A great American tragedy is that the rioting thugs of the 60s are now controlling the United States government.

The book includes a chapter on “Cultural Marxism,” pointing out that most American voters are so focused on financial issues that they fail to even recognize the disastrous results years of immorality have brought to their Nation. The author asserts that the action of Democratic Liberals today is precisely what Karl Marx described in the Communist Manifesto.

The Trashing of America ends with a plan for recovery, stated in one sentence in the Bible verse where Ronald Reagan laid his hand as he took his oath of office. The author warns that America does not need an entertainment-formatted revival. What he suggests is a turning of individuals to God, and a commitment to do the four things suggested in II Chronicles, 7:14, “… humble themselves, pray, seek my face and turn from their wicked ways…” That verse identifies two very remarkable things God promised to do when men do what He suggests, “Then I will forgive their sins and I will heal their land.”

The Old Vietnam Vet does not want any recognition for this book and is not accepting any personal financial gain from sales.

The book is available at:

The Vet is easily available to speak to any groups interested in the spiritual recovery of America.

About the Author:
The author served two tours in Vietnam as an Army Airborne-Ranger. In 1965 He led a Reconnaissance Platoon in the First Cavalry Division, and he led the first Platoon to reach Colonel Moore at LZ-X-Ray.

On his second tour he served with the CIA's Phoenix Program. In 2008 the author was the Vice Presidential Running Mate on the Ballot in Texas, with Alan Keyes. He has published 17 books, holds 3 Doctorates and is a Seminary Professor. He has 12 years’ experience in radio and TV Broadcasting.