New Book Teaches Kids About a Tortoise and Life on the Road

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Sunnyvale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2013 -- Kids love adventure and animals are no different. There’s nothing like living in this wonderful world, exploring new places and meeting new people. What does a tortoise have in common with kids and adults? What will happen when a tortoise wanders away from home? Author Dr. Rockley is proud to announce the release of her latest book, “Lucy The Tortoise – My Big Adventure”.

Based on a true story, Lucy the Tortoise tells young readers how a chance encounter with a mischievous back-flipping bunny leads her on an escapade out of her backyard and into an unknown world where she loses her way, gets in some deep water, learns some very valuable lessons and becomes a feature on the local news and in People Magazine! Come along on Lucy’s adventure as she encounters the long green legs of praying mantis, plays hide-and-seek with a prairie dog, and journeys to find the path that will lead her back home.

Readers are treated to the author’s seven year old pet tortoise long road home after disappearing from her yard outside of Denver, Colorado. “Lucy the Tortoise” is narrated from Lucy’s point of view. The story results in adventure that will excite children about the animal world with its intriguing facts about camouflage, games and different habitats.

Who does Lucy meet along the way? Will she find her way home? Is this her first time getting out of her yard or has she ventured out before and returned? “Lucy the Tortoise - My Big Adventure” is available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Rockley Music (CO) and Rockley Arts (CO).

About the Author
Dr. Rockley possess an in-depth background in naturopathic care for animals and humans alike, with an emphasis on nutrition, incorporation of conservative therapies and an overall integration of Eastern and Western medicine practices. She has seen remarkable results in animal and human naturopathic practice and has published works showing the efficacy of naturopathic care.

Dr. Rockley was born and raised in Hamburg, Germany and has been an animal lover since early childhood. She is also intricately involved in animal rescue, adoptions, environmental conservation and advocating for animal welfare.

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