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New Book Tells Compelling Real Life Story of Losing Basic Civil Rights in Exchange for True Love.

After two decades of marriages to men, with six children and years of deep friendship, two women realized that they were lesbians and in love with each other. However, while re-orienting their lives and embarking on a passionate love affair, they came to the realization that being happy would involve forfeiting many of their basic civil rights. Now, for the first time, their powerful story is being made public.


Reedley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/27/2012 -- When Kristin and Candi became close friends, society accepted their heterosexual values. However, when they fell deeply in love and formed a romantic union, they quickly learned that life as lesbians would throw them numerous unfair and deplorable curveballs. To share their story with others, this couple has announced the release of a compelling and illuminating new book.

‘From Privilege to PRIDE: Love is the Road’ is more than just a lesbian love story. It’s an honest and open account of the about-turn society shows those who come out of the closet.

The beginning of the book talks about two women who were happily married and starting their own families. Candi was raised Mormon and deeply entrenched in her religion. Kristin, raised at the coast, was an avid surfer. The two struck an instant friendship that intensified when Kristin was diagnosed with cancer. Their two families were so close that they joined each other on vacations and often spent holidays together.

“Nobody at that time realized that our bond was really a love connection,” says Kristin, who realized she was gay after seventeen years of marriage. She continues, “When I came out, I was riddled with guilt and fear. I agonized about how I would keep my family intact, honor the commitment to my husband and not lose my Mormon best friend.”

However, during this time, Candi had no idea about Kristin’s secret. Almost a year later when visiting Ohio Candi had her own revelation, she too was a lesbian. Crashing out of the closet, believing that being gay would not impact her professional and personal life, she jumped heard-first in a relationship with Kristin.

Risking everything, the couple lost their careers and many friends along the way. This story reveals the challenges and tribulations and celebration that come from embracing their new life together. This life-changing literary journey captures both sides of the experiences of privilege and pride.

“This humorous and heart-wrenching story illustrates the difficulties of blending two families with six children along with the added complication of facing the homophobia and discrimination that comes from living openly as same-sex partners and parents,” explains Candi. “Having lived in both worlds, we quickly discovered the distinct consequences of choosing not to conform to society’s expectations. In short, we had to sacrifice our basic civil rights in exchange for true love.”

‘From Privilege to PRIDE’ also examines the devastating effects that Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) have on society at large.

“We examine the most demanding questions asked about same-sex marriage and answer them in relation to our own beautiful love story. Readers will see the impact it had on our six children as well as the consequences of relinquishing heterosexual privilege. It’s hard to believe in this day and age, but our sexual orientation has even excluded us from applying for certain jobs within organizations that welcomed us when we were straight,” Kristin adds.

Through all of their struggles, the couple also had many successes. In fact, in an effort to restore normality to their lives, they are on the brink of starting a new business that reflects their values and their skills.

The Ubiquitous Farm, a pesticide-free, transition to organic farm that is their creation from start to finish. The most remarkable part of this innovative business is an admirable LIFEPRINT Legacy Tree Stewardship program. With a plan to provide organic products to both low-income families and their community combined with an philanthropic focus on advocacy, innovation and economic development, the couple anxiously awaits their first crops of seedless tangerines in February and famous juicy plums in July, 2013.

“We are attempting to live our dream even though society seems to be working against us much of the time. We spend quality time together as a family. We grow clean food and support the natural environment that surrounds us. We hope that the next generation can live openly and have all the benefits of full equality,” the couple conclude.

‘From Privilege to PRIDE: Love is the Road’, is due for publication in December (please make contact to be notified of specific launch date).

For more information on The Ubiquitous Farm, please visit: http://www.theufarm.com

About the Authors: Dr. Kristin Beasley and Candi Hood
Dr. Kristin Beasley is a parent, teacher and an advocate. Kristin knows relationships are at the heart of having an equitable society that supports resilience for ALL people. Kristin is dedicated to education-in-action and implementing ideas in ways that are both practical and beneficial to the widest audience.

Candi Hood has a unique and exceptional skill set. With a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Management and Master’s degree in Education, Candi can design and organize just about anything that incorporates her passion for efficiency and reflects her values of diversity, worthy wages, and family-friendly administrative practices.