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New Book "Thought Forms and Hallucinations" by Chidambaram Ramesh Explores Consciousness as an Essential Part of Scientific Investigation and Research


Vellore, Tamil Nadu -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/12/2014 -- Indian author and freelance researcherChidambaram Ramesh has released a new book demonstrating that the human mind works through the holographic principle.

“Thought Forms and Hallucinations” includes real-life case studies that Ramesh recorded. These case studies relateto creation of mental entities like Tibetan Tulpa, visual hallucinations, thought-photography, materialization, maternal impressions, stigmata and curious cases of birthmarks and bodily deformities that correspond to the injuries sustained in the previous life.

Ramesh concludes that the brain is a hologram enfolded in the holographic universe. Many mind-related phenomena including memory, recognition and remote mental interactions like telepathy andremote viewing could be best explained by the holographic model of mind process.

Finnish theoretical physicist Dr. MattiPitkänen wrote the book’s foreword.

It has received recognition and praise from many experts in this field, including Dr. ErlendurHaraldsson, University of Iceland Professor Emeritus and Michael E.Tymn, Editor of the Journal for Spirituality and Consciousness Studies.

The book was released by Notion Press and can be purchased though its website, It is also available through all major online distributors, including, and book’s ISBN number is 978-93-83808-43-4.

About Chidambaram Ramesh
Chidambaram Ramesh works to rediscover and re-imagine scientifically important ideas from ancient time periods that have been forgotten by modern society. Ramesh works to examine these theories within the realm of contemporary science. Ramesh has authored two other books, “The Shroud of Turin: An Imprint of the Soul, Apparition or Quantum Bio-Hologram” and “Lightning as a ‘Photographer’ – Revisiting a forgotten phenomenon of Nature.”

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