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New Book Unites 21 Writers from Around the World to Share Their Stories of God's Greatest Gift

Following a chance post on a spiritual forum, a team of twenty-one International writers announce the launch of an inspiring and uplifting anthology, ‘Divine Love for the Soul’.


Valencia, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- Following a unique and uncommon global collaboration, twenty-one writers from around the world are proud today to announce the launch of their new book, Divine Love for the Soul: God’s Gift of Love.

The book features an inspiring collection of true stories of soul awakenings, getting closer to God, spiritual experiences and inspirational essays with the aim of revealing the simplicity of receiving God’s greatest gift: His ability to change a heart through Divine Love.

While in itself a gift, the book was conceived in an unconventional way - a chance posting on an internet forum.

“One morning last summer I was thinking about some of the horrible things that people around the world are experiencing. As my friends and I know so well, God's Divine Love is the most powerful love in the world – it can and has changed souls,” says Joan Warden, contributing writer and Editor of the book.

Warden continues, “I have been praying for Divine Love for over 30 years and since I have connections with others who also receive it, I posted a question on the Truth for all People forum. 'Would anyone be interested in participating in a book project?' I also sent out a few dozen emails to others and before I knew it, people from around the world were putting their thoughts on paper.”

The book showcases a myriad of spiritual experiences and perspectives from writers located in Australia, Canada, Norway, South Africa and California, Hawaii, Idaho, Texas, New Jersey and Florida.

Warden explains that, while culturally different, each contributor shared a common theme that allowed the book to offer information from the highest authority. For example, South African contributing writer Nondi Leonora Tsawe-Makhetha shares, "... in me I have Divine Love, a free gift from God;" Ian Nicol from Norway declares, "God's Love is the solution;" and Gregory Boster from Florida adds, "My soul was saying eureka!"

Divine Love for the Soul is Warden’s second writing venture. Her original project involved writing letters to the Editor of a local newspaper on the subject of Divine Love. Warden wanted readers to be aware of this Love as, in her experience with Christian churches, she only knew the God of wrath and was ready to turn her back on religion.

However, after reading the profound book, ‘True Gospel Revealed Anew by Jesus’, Warden’s mind changed and she discovered the real God – the loving Creator of the Universe.

Each of the twenty-one writers embraces the same spirit, resulting in a unique collaboration and a commitment to sharing their message.

“We feel that if people read this book, they will embrace the message, creating within them the desire to receive the Greatest Gift from God: Divine Love for the Soul. We also believe that as hearts change, minds will change creating a domino effect of peace, love and goodwill among all peoples of this earth,” Warden concludes.

Divine Love for the Soul: God’s Gift of Love can be purchased from Amazon in both electronic and print formats.

The book’s official website can be found at: http://www.divineloveforthesoul.com. Book excerpts may be previewed at: http://divineloveforthesoul.blogspot.com

Publisher: CreateSpace (April 1, 2012)
ISBN-10: 1475062400
ISBN-13: 978-1475062403

About Joan Warden
Joan Warden began writing as a hobby and contributed over a hundred guest commentaries, letters to the editor, several magazine and yearly publication articles, which were periodically published in her local newspaper from 1998-2009.

She has edited three books and regularly contributes to internet forums sharing her knowledge of God's Divine Love. Joan has been a follower of Jesus' teachings for over 30 years and possesses the spiritual gift of automatic writing.

She has created youtube videos and blogs, Divine Love Soulmates, Divine Love for the Soul, and Divine Love Writings. She resides in Southern California and is employed at a prominent law firm as an assistant to attorneys. She was past president of Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Guild and served as a board member on the Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital Foundation.

Joan obtained an Associates Degree in Business from College of the Canyons, received the 2002 Alumni of the Year award and was inducted into their Alumni Hall of Fame in 2011.