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New Book: Want To Grow Your Own But Don't Have A Garden? Get Hydroponic!

The majority of Americans want to buy organic fruit or vegetables because they think they taste better. But you don't have to pay for organic produce; anyone anywhere can grow their own tasty produce, even if they don't have a garden.


Belize City, Belize -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/27/2012 -- In a recent survey by NPR, 58% of Americans said they preferred to buy organic fruit and vegetables because they taste better. People up and down the country are getting involved in gardening again as a way to improve the taste and quality of the food they eat. Community gardens are springing up all over the nation and even the First Lady, Michelle Obama, has planted a vegetable garden in the grounds of the Whitehouse.

But what if you live in an apartment and don't have a garden, a yard or a balcony? Does this mean you have to miss out on the whole 'grow your own' experience? Not according to Agnes Williams. Agnes was fed up with tasteless over-priced fruit and vegetables but had no garden, so she did some research and decided to grow indoors using hydroponics.

Hydroponics is a way of growing plants in water without soil. It is ideal for growing fruit and vegetables indoors and is according to Agnes "scientifically proven to be the best way ever found for producing awesome tasting fruit and vegetables." It can, however, be very daunting and frustrating.

Agnes watched in horror as her first crops failed, then her second. Even when she eventually grew a successful crop it wasn't the "taste explosion" she was looking for. She came close to giving in.

As a last ditch attempt to get her hydroponic gardening right she called in an expert. "This guy came to my house and in five minutes flat had identified 6 small mistakes I was making. These tiny errors were costing me the fantastic, juicy crops I craved. He then took me through a few other common mistakes beginners and experienced gardeners can encounter and told me how to deal with them.

"Suddenly, hydroponics was easy. Suddenly I was growing the most juicy, delicious fruit and vegetables."

"I realised that I couldn't be the only person in the world who wanted to grow my own crops indoors and that others, too, might be struggling with hydroponics as I was. So I decided to write down the expert's advice, contact other experts too and put together a complete guide to gardening with hydroponics."

Agnes put together an eBook called "Hydroponics 101" to help anyone get started in hydroponic gardening. "I wanted to cover every aspect, so I contacted experts and got information on organic hydroponic gardening, dealing with pests, and how to garden in even the smallest indoor spaceā€ she said.

The result is not just a book for beginners, but the most comprehensive guide to growing hydroponically that has ever been written.

"I knew there would be a demand for it," says Agnes, "and as soon as I started to market my book, people were buying it and raving about it. I've already had lots of testimonials from people telling me what a difference my book has made to their gardening."

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