New Book Warns U.S. Authors and Self-Publishers About Copyright Pitfalls

Action Is Required To Maximize Legal Protection For Intellectual Property. Once a book is published in the U.S., it must be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office to maintain the ability to sue for statutory damages and attorney fees.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- Literary work is generally copyrighted and protected by federal copyright law the minute it is created in tangible of fixed form.

But there are very important business reasons to be aware of the other issues surrounding the protection of intellectual property, how work is used, and by whom.

There are no copyright police. The only party to do something about copyright violations is the person or organization that owns the rights.

Many people are misinformed about the penalties for copyright infringement and think they are so significant that no one would dare use their copyrighted content.

Here is the issue often overlooked. If a copyright owner sues for damages, the amount of damages realized can be very hard to establish and prove.

That is why they must also be able to sue for statutory damages and attorney fees.

A person who infringes on another person’s copyright can be liable for statutory damages up to $30,000.00 for each work infringed on, and in the case of willful infringement that amount could be increased up to $150,000.00, plus attorney fees.

Here is what many authors and self-publishers find out too late: In order to be able to sue for statutory damages, a work must be registered with the U.S. Copyright Office within 3 months of publishing it in the U.S.

Enforcement efforts are going to have very little “teeth” if a party can only sue for losses and damages and can’t threaten to sue for statutory damages and attorney fees.

But if the violator receives a letter advising them that they are illegally using content and the right to sue them for big statutory damages and any attorney fees is possible, they might pay better attention.

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How To Copyright Books And Acquire An ISBN Number by David Foothill covers all the issues surrounding your lawful copyright protections. There is also bonus information on acquiring an ISBN Number for first-time authors and self-publishers.


Chapter 1 - Is Your Book Automatically Copyrighted?
Chapter 2 - Registration With The U.S. Copyright Office: The 3 Month Ticking Clock
Chapter 3 - Have You “Infringed” On Another Party’s Copyright?
Chapter 4 - Who Is The Author, The Claimant, And The Correspondent?
Chapter 5 - What Are The Distinctions Between Copyright, Registration & Mandatory Deposit?
Chapter 6 - How Does A Person Publish Under A Pen Name (Pseudonym) And / Or Remain Anonymous?
Chapter 7 - What Searchable Information From Your Registration Is Open To The Public?
Chapter 8 - Should You Self-Publish Your Book?
Chapter 9 - Transfer Statements
Chapter 10 - What Rights Come With A Copyright?
Chapter 11 - What Is Fair Use?
Chapter 12 - What Are Derivative Works?
Chapter 13 - What Is Public Domain?
Chapter 14 - How To Register Your Work Online At The U.S. Copyright Office’s Website
Chapter 15 - What Are ISBN Numbers And How Is One Acquired?
Chapter 16 - Epilogue

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