New Book when Sonny Meets Sky Shares How the Love in Each Soul Can Bring Peace to the World


York, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2015 -- In Cheri Schedlbauer's new book When Sonny Meets Sky: A Mystically Inspiring Journey of Love published by Transformation Books, readers will engage in seeing, sensing, and knowing themselves as the pure multi-dimensional source energy of love; to witness that life happens because of us and through us, not to us. They will discover they are so very much more than just a human being in a physical body.

"It is my intention that, through the wisdom shared in this book, the reader discovers their unique energetic imprint within their heart space, how to access it at will and live more freely within the heart space with all that they do, so they are always living within the resonance of abundance everyone truly deserves and naturally is. Readers will discover their own soul love within themselves. Once one is in love with themselves, one will have that energy in every encounter of one's daily life. Just as the sun and sky are in eternal love unity to each other, this is when we will find that we are always there for each other, loving and growing together, knowing each other's energetic purpose which creates a beautiful dance between our relationships, so we also live our life in soul-to-soul relationships. It is my intention that all readers are blessed with great love from deep within their soul. Since we are all energetically connected, high energy vibrational frequency feelings of joy, love, and light essentially also transforms and assists the whole!" ~ Cheri Schedlbauer

Readers shared:

"There are wonderful real life lessons and much wisdom in this book that can be applied to anyone's daily life." ~J.M.

"This book taught me the appropriate strategies to change my thought process so I could attain inner peace and acquire healthy relationships with those I'm meant to share my life with." ~C.F.

About Cheri Schedlbauer
Cheri Schedlbauer – "Angel of Joy" resides in the small Wisconsin town she grew up in, with her very loving husband, two healthy, active, fun teenage boys, and a furry Yorkshire mix. Cheri assists in the care of her elderly parent and has the privilege of being surrounded by amazing family and friends.

Cheri has always been interested in all things mystical, which has taken her on a spiritual journey for many years. She's attended various spiritual retreats and has completed several alternative healing therapy and angel intuitive classes. As a result, she is a Reiki Master, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner, Angel Intuitive, Spiritual Group/Retreat Organizer/Facilitator, Young Living Essential Oils Distributor, Philosopher, and a mystically inspiring writer.

Cheri truly enjoys assisting others in discovering more of their multi-dimensional self, so one can live positively, with passion and joy, authentically inspired from their heart. Cheri also enjoys quiet meditative time and long walks in nature, singing, dancing, family activities, and watching romantic movies.

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