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New "Brazilian Food - Recipes by Brazilian People" E-Book Is Creating a Buzz on Amazon


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/13/2012 -- Across the country and the world, the amateur chef trend is as prevalent as ever, with numerous television shows and books dedicated to teaching everyday people how to prepare gourmet meals in their homes. Many amateur chefs now want to go beyond the basics and become more adventurous with their cuisine. These people are seeking exotic elements to add to their kitchen repertoires.

As a result, the popularity of Brazilian cuisine is increasing among amateur chefs, and there is one new book that is generating a lot of buzz. The book is called “Brazilian Food: Recipes by Brazilian People,” and it is part of a widespread increase of Brazilian authors using electronic outlets to share their culture with the English-speaking world. Because one of the primary ways to share culture is through food, this book provides a natural introduction to the Brazilian culture. With Amazon planning to make a Kindle store available in Brazil soon, the Brazilian buzz is just beginning.

“What better way to give the ‘non-Brazilians’ a taste of what Brazilian food is all about than this book? With a lot of classic dishes that made the Brazilian-cuisine world famous, this book is a must have for everyone who enjoys good food and wants to experience it the way it should be,” proclaims a very satisfied reader.

In the book “Brazilian Food: Recipes by Brazilian People,” readers will find easy, step-by-step instructions to prepare traditional Brazilian food recipes in their own homes. They will be able to invite people over and surprise their guests with the best of the tropical cuisine. Recipes are classed according to four distinct categories: meals, pastries, desserts and drinks.

Many traditional Brazilian recipe books are hard to follow due to the fact that Brazilian food includes many ingredients and seasonings that might be difficult to find outside of Brazil. However, “Brazilian Food: Recipes by Brazilian People” provides amateur chefs with simple substitutions for typically Brazilian ingredients. By creating recipes using ingredients that are easily found in any grocery store or supermarket, this book allows anyone to recreate authentic Brazilian dishes.

“Brazilian Food - Recipes by Brazilian People” brings the best of Brazil into the kitchens of all those who love to cook.

About “Brazilian Food - Recipes by Brazilian People”
“Brazilian Food - Recipes by Brazilian People” is the first Kindle e-book about Brazilian Cuisine that is actually written by a Brazilian. Over 40 of the best Brazilian food recipes are in this book, which includes dishes like Feijoada, Acarajé, Pão de queijo and many other typical recipes.

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