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New British Furniture Designers, Helmm, Turn Standing Desks Into the New Must-Have Office Accessory


Bedfordshire, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/04/2017 -- Whilst the idea of standing at a desk isn't a new one, there has been a surge of interest in standing at work following research by Dr. James Levine that 'sitting is the new smoking'.  Studies show that being sedentary for too long significantly increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes – as well as back pain issues.

The health benefits of standing to work have been touted for many years.  In the Popular Science Journal, July 1883 , they state, "At the first symptoms of indigestion, book-keepers, entry clerks, authors and editors should at once get a telescope desk.  Literary occupations need not necessarily involve sedentary habits, though, as the alternative of a standing desk."

The benefits of standing to work go further than physical health benefits.  Those who use standing desks report an increase in alertness, concentration, creativity, productivity and general wellbeing.

From famous authors like Charles Dickens, Virginia Woolf and Ernest Hemingway to political figures and inventors, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin and Leonardo Da Vinci, standing desks have helped many to conceive world-changing ideas.

Inspired by the creativity of these notable thinkers, new British furniture designers, Helmm, are bringing the new standing desk revolution bang up to date with stylish, architecturally-influenced standing desk converters that look as great as they make people feel.

"There is limited choice available for people who want an attractive standing desk.  Style hasn't really been considered as much as the health benefits of standing desks, which is why we wanted to combine the two.  Our goal was always to design stylish office accessories that enhanced office interiors, at home and work, whilst helping people alleviate problems associated with back pain, muscle tension and low motivation," explained Sam Cranwell, Chief Designer at Helmm.

Helmm's wooden standing desk converters look like sculpted pieces of art, with each design making a stand (pun intended) with its form, function and affordability.

"Our standing desk converters allow people to enjoy the benefits of standing at their desks, without them having to throw out their existing set-up.  They can put our stands on their desks, kitchen tables, coffee tables, garden furniture – even the floor if they want, which will help to improve posture, health and clarity from wherever people choose to work," added Sam.


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