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New Budget Computer Website Launched


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- Tech For Pennies, a website concentrating on budget laptops and desktops, has been officially opened. The main goal is to bring high quality, helpful content for its readers.

Tech For Pennies features in-depth reviews and articles about affordable laptops and desktops. From time to time, also other suitable products such as tablets are featured. There is no set limit for the price, but emphasis is on computers that cost 500 US dollars or less. A star rating is given to each product, reflecting how the reviewed product is valued. A comments section is featured in each post to encourage readers to share their thoughts.

Tech For Pennies publishes content every business day. The content is written by educated professionals who are knowledgeable about budget technology.

A technical specifications table is included to reviews. Readers can conveniently check the essential technical specifications from this section without reading the whole review. If the technical specifications are not what the reader is looking for, the reader can pick another product from the popular products section on the right hand sidebar.

Previously, a link to only one vendor was offered but for the benefit of readers a price comparison engine featuring different vendors is now visible in several posts. Readers can conveniently see the best price and vendor for the reviewed product, and if they choose so, continue to buy the product from the vendor's website.

In addition to reviews, the normal articles posted on Tech For Pennies are high quality posts discussing topics relevant to the budget computer niche. These in-depth articles are normally published three times a week.

About Tech For Pennies
Future plans for Tech For Pennies include a full comparison chart with a filter. Visitors will be able to filter computers by different technical criteria, such as price, processor speed and operating system. Side-by-side comparison allows readers to conveniently pick the products that interest them the most.