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New Business Book, Convert Every Click, by Benji Rabhan, Debuts on New York Times Best Seller List


S. China, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/08/2013 -- One week after its release, Convert Every Click has been named to the New York Times best-seller list. Can businesses really convert every visitor who comes to a website? In today's global economic environment, many businesses are finding they have to work harder than ever to attract customers or clients online. Yet many other businesses continue to prosper and grow. How?

Convert Every Click presents a comprehensive, accessible approach to increasing profits through Holistic Conversion Rate Optimization. Rabhan provides insight into the psychology behind why some websites convert browsers into buyers, and some do nothing at all to increase the bottom line. These techniques help companies build customer-centric experiences, so they can get as close as possible to converting all the people who come into contact with their business.

"Conversion rate optimization is becoming a buzzword in online marketing for a good reason," says Rabhan. "More and more people are looking for ways to maximize the number of sales and leads they get from the visitors coming to their website." The sooner businesses start optimizing for higher conversion rates, the better.

To learn more about Holistic Conversion Rate Optimization and Convert Every Click, please visit http://www.ConvertEveryClick.com.

About Benji Rabhan
Benji Rabhan is the founder and CEO of ConversionCore, a consulting firm that works with companies to scientifically optimize their entire business, from traffic generation through website conversion and follow-up marketing. An expert in peak performance for medium to large-sized companies, Rabhan credits his Holistic Conversion Rate Optimization process for his over 90% success rate with increasing conversions for clients.