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New Business Platform Offers International Quality Cosmetics from Dead Sea Minerals

Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics, also offers numerous perks, business opportunities and free deliveries


Tel Aviv, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- New business platform – Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics – provides VIP and online shopping experience for interested buyers of products descending from dead sea minerals. These are minerals found from the Dead Sea in the Middle East, particularly Israel, Palestine and Jordan, the countries it borders. They offer free international shipping and also allows business opportunities for drop shippers and distributors.

The Minerals from Earth's Lowest Land Elevation

The Dead Sea is really a lake but has long been called sea even during ancient times. It is also a salty lake, which produces 45,000 tons of salt annually. It boasts of 21 essential minerals and 12 of which is not found anywhere else in the globe. It is considered the lowest point in the world.

Dead Sea, or Sea of Death in Arabic and Sea of Salt in Hebrew has an abnormally high level of salinity that no aquatic life form survives under it thus the moniker. Its salinity level is higher than most oceans.

The nutrients found in the minerals are caused by the fast evaporation rates in the region known to be very arid. Some of the minerals that bring about important benefits to their users include Bromine (calms the nervous system), Sodium (balances PH levels), Zinc (boosts immune system), Magnesium (bone-building), Calcium (strengthen bones), and Potassium (acne-healing) among many others.

Eyal Manerva, CEO of Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics, saw this as an opportunity to offer Canaan Cosmetics containing all the necessary minerals that help maintain beautiful skin and faces. “We believe that achieving beauty can be done through nature's endless gifts.”

The product line ranges from soap to hair products, healing oils, body scrubs, spa product, and moisturizing creams. They also maintain high quality standards in production and distribution by adhering to their ISO 9001:2008 certification, the ISO 22716:2007 from UK's GMP and approval by Israel Ministry of Health. Their products are also FDA (USA) certified and is locally accepted in markets such as the EU, Taiwan, South Africa, Australia, and Japan.

Perks and Opportunities

Despite their status as a relative new platform, they already offer equalizing offers through their VIP Club. Membership is automatically given to online buyers and the perks they receive are given for life such as: 10% discounts, coupons, expert tips from their blog and exclusive updates about new products and offers delivered by email.

As was mentioned, their blog contains all beauty tips compiled by their team to help enthusiasts, make the most out of their dead sea mineral cosmetic products.

Manerva's team is also encouraging interest drop shippers who want to take part in the distribution of their fine products in their localities. They even allow personalized packaging and branding solutions on details provided by the distributor. For more information on drop shipping and distributorship, please visit their website:

About Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics
Their work philosophy is to help activate and intensify the beauty of the human body through the energy sources coming directly from Mother Nature. With this philosophy intact, their production and packaging efforts are also recyclable and thus environmentally friendly. Dead Sea Minerals Cosmetics has also received numerous international standard certifications on safety and high quality production such as the ISO, EU and FDA.


Eyal Manerva