New Business Products Save Money - No Need to Buy a New Awning


Pismo Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/13/2014 -- Does anyone have an awning or canopy? Need to change what it says, or change the wording, or update a phone number or website?

Statistics show that many businesses and professionals will move their practice to several new locations over time. This means that many awnings will have to be updated.

If the building or shop has an existing banner or canopy, one had only a few choices in the past:

You could order an expensive new canopy cover (very costly to t exactly); one could get a sign company to paint over the old information and add one's business name (could be costly and unpredictable- the results would vary from very good to unacceptable, based upon the skill of the sign painter), or one could just tear down the awning.

Now there are a few more options with LetterBank’s Awning Lettering products. These are professional grade, computer-cut letters for new awning wording and logos. Apply them oneself or contact a local sign person to help, for a whole lot less than a skilled painter or a new awning. And one decide how much they are willing to spend.

What is LetterBank?

LetterBank Sign Products is a business focused on providing D.I.Y. sign solutions that make a lot sense in this economy. LetterBank Company was founded in 1989 as a typographic design source for more e ective and easier to read signs. By 2003, LetterBank was fully online, providing a national source for sign frames, decals and attractively designed fabric banners and table cloths for trade shows.

The concept of the Do-It-Yourself awning and canopy lettering and logos was born out of the need of small businesses to be able to call attention to themselves without the daunting costs associated with complete awning re-covering or without having to wait weeks for unsightly paint-overs.

LetterBank is a business focused on providing D.I.Y. sign products, with self-adhesive lettering among many of the other sign products available. With LetterBank’s self-adhesive awning lettering and the newest MASK Lettering, people can put up the logo and wording they designed, or the professionally designed letters and logos from LetterBank’s talented staff .

With LetterBank’s lettering systems, one only pay for what they need. The DuraStik letters are made of a strong, durable fabric with a tenacious acrylic adhesive that sticks to most woven fabrics. The LetterBank DuraStik Letters have been eld tested in climates from sub-zero to tropical and have an excellent track record for durability with minimal fading.

The self-adhesive lettering can stick to almost all woven fabrics available in the market. Test one's fabric rst by sending for a sample before one begin. While the letters can ultimately be removed, they’re designed to be a permanent installation solution.

The newest version of the LetterBank product introduced is now available with a backing to cover over existing awning lettering, with a contrasting background panel similar to the awning fabric color.

For more information about how LetterBank can help they get the attention that one need with the newly created products for awnings, go to http://letterbank.com/awning/

Now don’t have to spend for a new awning. Unless that’s what one really want to do.

Bulk material is available to sign shops in 15”, 30” and 54” rolls, and in 15” by the foot.

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