New Campaigns Show That Recruitment Can Be the Route to Success: GSR2R Comments


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2015 -- Health Education England (HEE) has revealed recent successes in the form of a recruitment campaign aiming to get more people to study general practice. As a result of a professional recruitment drive, a 600% increase in applications was seen, when compared to the previous year. This illustrates the effectiveness of good recruiting.

Whilst last year only 100 applicants were putting themselves forward for a third GP training round, at the same point this year applicants have been at a level of 676 for the third round. The process has actively encouraged trainees to get involved and illustrate their skills - something which recruiters aim to do. Across a range of industries, not just medical, effective recruitment can encourage capable clients to try new prospects and expand their horizons: which expands job prospects too.

Therefore it seems that staffing shortages in the healthcare system are in the process of being constructively addressed so far. Aware of this and the benefits of recruitment are GSR2R, a rec to rec agency operating from a strong London base. They work across a variety of industries and frequently comment on related news. A spokesperson had this to say:

About GSR2R Ltd
"These figures highlight how the installation of a well-planned and efficient recruitment process can see great increases in application numbers. This matters not just in the medical profession, but across businesses as a whole, for the encouragement of productivity and growth. Here at GSR2R, effective recruitment is something we take seriously and it is brilliant to see the process being implemented successfully. Our rec to rec service strives for success also, recruiting at the highest level, so the profession can continue in a way which sees positive results continue."

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