New Cancer Preventative Method: Radiation Guard


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2013 -- Have you ever taken a serious, life threatening risk without knowing it? Well, that’s exactly what you and millions of other people around the world and even globally are doing right now every time they use a cell phone or expose themselves to the electromagnet frequency radiation (EMF) that comes from most electronic gadgets.

Scientists have long suspected that the electromagnetic frequencies emanating from these devices can actually damage the basic human cell structure as it passes through the human body. In fact, it’s now been recognized as a serious, life threatening, type of electronic pollution by the World Health Organization (WHO).

As electronic gadgetry, and in particular the smartphones, microwave ovens TVs, large display screens and various types of personal scanning devices have become increasingly prevalent in our daily lives, scientists now realize that EMF emissions are responsible for a significant amount of dizziness, headaches, pregnancy complications, neurosis, increased feelings of stress, insomnia, depression and even brain cancer.

Scientists have discovered that electromagnetic radiation, as it travels through human tissue, actually disrupts and damages basic human cell structure thus these aforementioned problems. If you’ve ever looked at popcorn as it cooks in a microwave oven, that’s an illustration of what’s happening (although certainly at a lesser intensity) inside your body when subjected to EMF radiation.

Luckily there is something that can protect you, your family and your loved ones and it’s called FDL, or fractal diffusion latticing. FDL was developed and perfected over ten years ago by a company called Aires Technologies. The company actually makes two protective devices which use FDL, the Aires Shield and the Aires Defender.

It’s a special type of device, actually very innocuous looking like a computer diskette or slightly larger than usual playing card. The Aires Shield attaches to a device that emits these harmful EMF emissions and the Aires Defender is carried with the person for deployment and protection any time they’re in the presence of one of these potentially hazardous electromagnetic devices.

The way it works is that the substance in the devices actually transmutes up to 99.6% of any harmful EMF emissions into benign ones thus eliminating any possible danger to the user. The technology is so effective that it was awarded the coveted Gold Medal at the 51st World Salon of Innovations, Scientific Developments and New Innovations at ‘Brussels-Eureka 2002’.

Just as health conscious people have realized that free radicals can cause cell damage and possibly cancer in various parts of the body, now they are realizing the dangers of electromagnet frequency emissions. In fact even the World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized the problem.

But there’s no reason for anybody to subject themselves to such danger with the easily affordable, readily available and proven effectiveness of FDL technology from Aires Technologies. Both of their two primary products, Aires Shield and Aires Defender effectively eliminate up to 99.6% of EMF radiation and protect the user’s health and peace-of-mind.

If you have a smartphone or any other type of device that gives off EMF, you need Aires Shield or Aires Defender.

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American Aires Inc. has won numerous awards, gold medals and certificates since its conception in the year 2000. They won their first award, a gold medal in achievement at the Brussels Eureka Innovations Show in Brussels, Belgium in 2002 and have not stopped since. Their research and development of technologies surrounding fractal diffraction lattices or FDL have fundamentally altered the approach of how scientists look at electromagnetic fields. Their findings have been nothing short of ground-breaking. In the last twelve years, Aires Technologies have created more than 200 products and project solutions that are 100% ecological friendly and safe for human utilization.

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