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New CarAutoInsuranceRates.com Website Helps Drivers Save Money on Car Insurance


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2011 -- Drivers now have a new way of finding the best deal on car insurance via the new Website CarAutoInsuranceRates.com. The Website allows drivers to easily compare car insurance rates with multiple quotes from providers.

Most drivers overpay on their auto insurance because they simply do not take time to acquire quotes from more than one insurer. Gathering quotes for auto insurance rates and comparing them can still be time consuming and confusing via the Internet. With the launch of the new Website CarAutoInsuranceRates.com, drivers can gather multiple quotes instantly. “Our new Website allows drivers to quickly and easily gather multiple auto insurance quotes to compare, and many are saving hundreds and as much as a thousand dollars per year,” said the CarAutoInsuranceRates.com representative.

There are literally dozens of factors that affect car insurance rates for drivers. Younger drivers are often penalized for their inexperience with higher rates while older drivers can often get lower rates. Women statistically have fewer accidents than men so they are often able to acquire the lower rates of the two genders. Of course, as with older drivers, experience counts, so drivers with longer records of continuous insurance are assured of lower rates than those with spotty insurance records.

Even area of residence impacts rates as those in less traffic areas such as rural or suburban drivers can often obtain a lower rate than city drivers. Insurers even utilize statistical car collision and theft data based on car models to help determine rates for drivers. Consequently, sports and luxury cars can cost more in insurance due to higher rates of theft and/or collisions for these types.

While these factors cannot be discounted, the ability to search for multiple quotes allows drivers to find the best rate for their circumstances. The new CarAutoInsuranceRates.com Website makes the process simple by allowing drivers to enter their zip code and then receive multiple car insurance quotes to find the lowest rate.

The Website also provides a number of car insurance tips in addition to helpful articles about car insurance. “We have created a simple quote process for drivers to get multiple quotes and also learn about all of the factors affecting their insurance so they can start saving on auto insurance immediately,” said the Website representative. For more information, please visit http://carautoinsurancerates.com/

About CarAutoInsuranceRates.com
CarAutoInsuranceRates.com is a car insurance rate comparison site where drivers can easily obtain multiple quotes to find the lowest rates. Drivers can save hundreds of dollars on their annual auto insurance premium within a few minutes. By simply entering their zip code online, they are presented with a list of auto insurance providers with a track record of providing the cheapest rates in the driver’s area.