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New Career Coaching and Life Development Community Begins - Million Lives Team


Westminster, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Many people are searching for their dream job or their dream life, if they’re honest. Some people come to the end of their life with many regrets wishing they had done more or done differently.

The Million Lives Team is a developing community committed to adding value to people’s lives both personally and professionally. The Million Lives Team is led by Todd Burrier, a personal development and business coach dedicated to enabling anyone and everyone willing to make a difference in their life.

Burrier cites his own areas of weakness and even subpar nature, but how he has transformed his life by finding areas of value in his own life and helping others find value within their own circumstances.

“I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon (far from it) and I am not freakishly gifted in any single area. I spent the first 28 years of my life feeling sorry for myself and what I ‘wasn’t’,” says Burrier.

Burrier equate his success and joy in life to discipline. He developed a passion for discipline and finishing what he’s started in life, and now, through the Million Lives Team, he’s enabling others to do the exact same. He’s taking people from the ground up, helping them discover their abilities and value, and pushing them to disciplined thriving in those areas.

With the Million Lives Team, there is no financial obligation or hype required, only a simple sign up online to receive more information and get in contact with a growing community of people who desire to see their lives transformed and who desire to add value to other’s lives. That’s the bottom line.

The Million Lives Team—real people who are passionate about helping others get real results.

To learn more about the Million Lives Team and to sign up for more information, visit