New Case Study by BSC Designer - Cultural Shift with Balanced Scorecard - Employees That Understand the Strategy


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/11/2013 -- A Balanced Scorecard is an effective strategic human resource management system that can allow companies to improve and access a department's performance so that it can be aligned to increase focus on achieving the goals and increase understanding of the overall and departmental strategies of the company. Zimbabwe-based management consulting company Talent Consulting Ltd. Implemented the Balanced Scorecard with BSC Designer.

This was a 3 week implementation of the highly effective Balanced Scorecard and during this time the company Talent Consulting Ltd was able to successfully introduced the BSC Designer software to various level of employees including the top level management. Balanced Scorecard allowed the employees of each level to be more focused on the company strategy, and their individual responsibilities to achieve the goals of the company.

“ BSC Designer software supports a cultural shift from “I’m doing my job” to “I do understand strategy” in Talent Consulting.”

Talent Consulting is a strategic management consultancy business focusing mainly on the development of people within the workplace. The company assists its clients in businesses developing by ensuring their human capital is correctly aligned with the organization. This particular Balanced Scorecard implementation was carried out on the whole company and its employees which included the every top level CEO, top management, department managers. During the process, their performance and involvement was measured through performance appraisals.

By implementing Balanced Scorecard, businesses was able to get a clear picture of their current situation in relation to the future and the overall progress of the business. Even though the implementation is in its early stages, the positive cultural shift has already been noticed throughout the company. This shift has allowed the employees to have an increased understanding of the company’s strategies, this means that cohesiveness among the employees has also increased as they understand the importance of their own jobs as well as the importance of team work.

Different departments now understand the importance of other functions, and how those functions impact (positively, or negatively) on their own performance. Overall, These changes will help in consolidating client base. Company will be better informed to be able to offer its clients Balanced Scorecard solutions to their own operations.

It has been observed that BSC Designer, which provides top-managers and CEOs with valuable business performance information, is an easy to use way, giving a possibility for better decisions making, while also measuring and improving business performance and productivity.

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