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New Central Florida Movie "Less Lost" Found at iQuarius for Audio Post-Production

iQuarius Media adds another indie film to its roster and helps cement Central Florida’s place as a new media hub with its audio post-production work for the feature film “Less Lost”


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/27/2012 -- iQuarius Media has always been at the epicenter of the New Media movement in Central Florida. With competitive industry experience, iQuarius Media is eager to help strengthen the technology space and add to their growing list of film credits.

Slated for release later this year, “Less Lost” is an ultra-low budget, fictional narrative. A man in his 20s suffers from PTSD while serving in the U.S Army during Operation Iraqi Freedom. From the “Less Lost” Facebook page:

“Although his physical injuries are healing, his mind is caught somewhere between reality and fantasies of the past. When his behavior becomes a threat to his wife and child, he faces a crossroad: take responsibility or [lose] them.”

Directed by Chase Connor, the independent film stars Brandon Alexander, Shane Fike, Danny Bellini, Chase Conner, Heather Dodson, Adam Ives, Corey Krebs, and Billy Morgan. “Less Lost” began production in 2010 and is now in the final stretch of post-production with color correction, sound mixing, and final noise reduction.

With all of the expertise iQuarius Media brings to the audio engineering scene, they welcomed the Audio Post-Production project for the film. iQuarius Media’s Sound Designer, Chris Domingo, enjoys the in-house state of the art equipment and brings his audio post-production savvy to the film.

While working on the film, Domingo spends his days digitally manipulating sound tracks, making sure each level is correct. The same snippets of music play over and over, each time cleaner and more concise.

Of the movie, Domingo says, “The way [Director] Chase Conner filmed it is unique, and the storyline is current and has valid points about what happens to veterans when they come back from Iraq. The music was already done and scored so I’m just doing sound effects and sweetening everything at this point.”

“Our company is dedicated to the continued growth of entertainment, media and technology in Central Florida and we are actively supporting our talented local artists with their film projects,” says Gregory Born, President of iQuarius Media. The company, located in downtown Orlando, is nearing completion on audio post-production of their third film project this year.

“Whether it’s an independent film, video for TV or web or any type of new media, iQuarius is equipped to deliver excellence and quality services to support our unique media community. We believe by helping our young film makers and artists grow, they will realize that there is a support network here in Central Florida and stay at home where the technology bubble is bursting with opportunity,” stated Born.

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