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New Children's Book Puts Imaginative Spin on Classic Legend

Written by Norman Hinton, ‘The Magic Sack’ is the tale of two boys, one enchanted autumn and a mysterious green sack that seems to contain all the joys of the universe. Hinton’s timeless story is sure to enthrall children of all ages.


Crystal Springs, MS -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- It is a book that has been ten years in the making.

Norman Hinton had the idea for ‘The Magic Sack’ almost a decade ago, and only recently decided to take the plunge and finish writing the story.

Tracing the path of two mischievous boys in a rural Southern town, ‘The Magic Sack’ details their rambunctious adventures with their dog Lester Earl and a cat named Tank. During a routine squirrel hunt, the boys find a large green sack with bells on it and their young lives change forever.

“Doesn’t every child love the idea of stumbling upon an enchanted world they knew nothing about until that moment?” says the author. “It’s just like in fairytales, when the girl finds out she’s secretly a Princess. In my book, the boys catch a glimpse of something truly mysterious when the sack is able to produce exactly what they’d like to play with at that moment. It’s like Christmas morning, and of course the kids are thrilled – they just can’t believe it!”

Hinton drew inspiration from another traditional tale – that of Old Saint Nick and his magic sleigh.

“As the holidays approach, the boys notice the bells on the sack start to jingle, but they ignore it,” says the author. “It’s only when four small men come to their town that they begin to wonder… could the four men be elves? Could the sack they found be Santa’s? That’s when the excitement really begins.”

As Hinton explains, writing the story was a labor of love, and fulfilled a longstanding dream.

“I’ve always wanted to write a children’s story,” he says. “I have a very vivid imagination, and would often get ideas for books. When I thought of the concept of an enchanted sack and all the possibilities surrounding it, I just knew I had to one day put it on paper. It’s a delight to finally be sharing it with the world.”

‘The Magic Sack’ will be released soon.

About the Author:
The author lives in Crystal Springs, MS.