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New Children's Book, "the Adventures of Lollie and Ollie: The Case of the Disappearing Eggs" Promotes Independent Reading and Learning for Children


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2013 -- An adventure has begun with the new children’s book series, “The Adventures of Lollie and Ollie: The Case of the Disappearing Eggs.” This book is the first volume in a series of books that promotes independent reading for children and engages them in learning and imagination. “The Adventures of Lollie and Ollie” series is a collection of children’s books created by authors James Mark Davis and Gurukarta Kaur Khalsa for children ages six and up. Adults will also enjoy reading these books. The stories are written with a lighthearted, humorous dialogue that navigates deep, thoughtful content such as lessons in morals, decisions in life, strength of character, and how to find truth in difficult situations.

“The Adventures of Lollie and Ollie: The Case of the Disappearing Eggs” is filled with accurate, factual details and accompanied by the whimsical illustrations of Michael McPhee.

“The Case of the Disappearing Eggs” – the first book in the series - made its debut in January 2013 and will be followed by other Lollie and Ollie adventure books geared towards teaching life lessons and character values to children. “The Case of the Disappearing Eggs”, as with other books in the series, are always fact checked so that while children read they learn important facts about the world. All books can be purchased at createspace.com, amazon.com or ordered through select local bookstores.

“The cast of captivating animal characters present situations children and adults can relate to in their own lives and learn life lessons while having fun,” said Davis of Houston, Texas.

With the new release, the authors plan to generate an entire family of adventure books. The second book in “The Adventures of Lollie and Ollie” is already being written.

As news spreads, people are noticing James M. Davis and Gurukarta K. Khalsa’s ability to write in an appealing, page-turning style that keeps the reader engaged. The authors are being asked to do group readings and schoolteachers are requesting copies to share with their students.

“The Case of the Disappearing Eggs is about social interactions, overcoming your fears, and coming to accept and love yourself for who you are,” Khalsa said. The idea for “The Adventures of Lollie and Ollie” series began when Davis was a young boy growing up on a farm and Khalsa volunteered as a teenager at a Children’s Zoo. Davis spent his days with the farm animals as friends and family, learning their personalities and caring for them. Khalsa spent years befriending many different species of exotic zoo animals, helping feed, clean and care for them. Davis dreamed of writing one day. Khalsa’s love for writing began with poetry and grew into song lyrics. Davis and Khalsa created “The Adventures of Lollie and Ollie” series from a love of reading, the thrill of a well-told story, and a first-hand experience of the rich, enchanting, vibrant lives of animals.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Authors James M. Davis and Gurukarta K. Khalsa are available for interviews to discuss their book series and about the benefits of reading, and reading aloud with children. To request a free review copy of The Adventures of Lollie and Ollie: The Case of the Disappearing Eggs” or other books and films by the authors, please contact the authors at admin@lollieandollie.com or you may also visit their website at www.lollieandollie.com.