Backwards Bear

New Book Release from Author House Book Publishing for Children Aged 2 - 6


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2012 -- A new children’s book “Adventures of Backwards Bear and Baby Curl” has been released by the Author House Book Publishing group written by a lady who goes by the charming pen name of “A Mother’s Pen”. The story is about a bear that lives in Teddy Bear Land and does everything backwards. The characters involved – Backwards Bear, The Parents, Baby Curl and Magical Tree - are aimed at children aged between 2 and 6.

The kid’s book has its home grown trailer on YouTube and a website , soon to be followed by its own iPad app. The author is a native of Charlotte, NC, and although beginning her education in Computer Information, she obtained an MBA and MHA from Pfeiffer University before moving to New York City.

Children’s books are becoming very popular on e-book reading devices and are usually designed to help a child build their reading skills. Now it also helps them build their skills with technology, and with an upcoming app for this book it helps children learn multiple skills at once. The iPad is a great tool to convey the colour of the illustrations in a way that surpasses paper books.

For more information about the Adventures of Backwards Bear:

Backwards Bear is unique from all the other teddy bears in Teddy Bear Land. He does things that make the other teddy bears mad. For instance, he dresses in clothes that are not appropriate for the season, wears clothes in the wrong places and often simply irritates the teddy bears and other animals in Teddy Bear Land.

When all the teddy bears tell him he is doing things that are backwards, Backwards Bear becomes upset and comes up with a plan to leave Teddy Bear Land. Backwards Bear visits the Tree and asks her to use her magical powers to take him to a place where he cannot be found. But Backwards Bear ends up in the place that all teddy bears feared.

Backwards Bear is whisked away from Teddy Bear Land. He is sent to live with Baby Curl, and despite the other bears’ warnings and the fears they have of living with babies, Backwards Bear and Baby Curl become best friends.

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