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New Children's Chapter Book Keeps the Fun and Ditches the Snark

New paperback release for children Bear Dog Dog Bear by Tracy Falbe offers a heartwarming alternative in a sea of books for kids that glorify snarky attitudes.


Battle Creek, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- When fantasy novelist Tracy Falbe decided to pen a children’s book, she wanted to tone down the snarky, snotty voices found in so many of the books she read with her children. On May 8th her newest book Bear Dog Dog Bear was released in paperback at the Amazon and Barnes & Noble online stores. This chapter book focuses on funny situations relatable to kids and skips the “I know everything already” characters in so many mainstream middle grade titles.

“Many of the books targeted to my fourth grade son seemed to have kids that didn’t do well in school and were negative about everything,” Falbe said.

She added, “There’s some appeal in that snarky attitude, but it’s not the only way to show kids behaving in a story. I made a story with loveable rule bending and positive messages about the differences between pets and wild animals.”

In Bear Dog Dog Bear ten-year-old Daniel Wood is getting his first puppy. His family is adopting a German Shepherd puppy from a breeder in a remote country cabin. But an extraordinary event causes a disastrous mix up and the family unwittingly goes home with a bear cub instead.

The puppy they were supposed to adopt is lost in the woods and gets adopted by the despondent mother bear whose daughter disappeared.

What unfolds is a story of people and animals in the wrong places but thriving on love. Kids will be delighted by familiar elements from their lives like school lunch, clueless parents, YouTube, smart phones, and little sisters.

In this snippet from the children’s book, Daniel discovers one of his dad’s rules is a good idea.

We laughed and squealed and petted our new family member. Dad watched us in the rearview mirror. He had a big grin.

“All kids need a big dog,” he said. This was one of Dad’s rules that I could agree with.

About Tracy Falbe
Tracy Falbe has been publishing books since 2005 when she started Falbe Publishing. Currently living in Battle Creek, Michigan, she is the author of nine fantasy novels, four nonfiction guides, and now one children’s book. The paperback version of Bear Dog Dog Bear was published through Createspace that supplies quality trade paperbacks through its print-on-demand system that makes a book only when it is ordered, thus reducing waste.

Falbe got the idea for Bear Dog Dog Bear because her family adopted an all-black German Shepherd puppy in January 2012, and the author joked that it was a bear cub and not a dog.

“I even dedicated the book to my dog, but I wrote it for my kids,” Falbe said, who has already dedicated other novels to all her family members.

In addition to the paperback, Bear Dog Dog Bear is available worldwide as an ebook in multiple formats at her website.