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New Christian Crowdfunding Site Launched


Troutdale, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/31/2013 -- New crowd-funding website dedicated to Christian Values and Christian Fundraising has been launched at The website allows interested persons to make contributions to projects that interest them. Users are also at liberty to start up projects and have them funded through the website.

A user can decide to follow some specific ventures and monitor their progress. They can as well make contributions of any amount that they are willing and able to spare for these worthwhile projects. At the same time, those who start up their projects do so for free though the onus falls on them to market their projects within the website and on other platforms to secure funding.

The beauty of is that anyone can start up a project by going through very simple steps. Just start by clicking the Start a Project Button provided. For a project to attract funding easily, it needs to be unique, innovative and clearly defined by the initiator so that people who read through the project get to understand it easily.

An individual could fund your project with as little as $10. But this is where the meaning of crowd-funding comes in. Though this might seem a little, if it comes from 1,000 people alone, it means you have $10,000. The network that is already within the website is massive with several projects already created, translating into many potential followers of your project. This platform is for you, if you have that super idea that you have not been able to get funding for. In the Glory of The Lord, you will get on your feet and have your project rolling.

It is so simple that one does not have to be a computer expert to follow through. To create a profile to follow a project or venture, support or look for funding for your own project, it is required that you join the site by creating a profile. It does not take long set up. After creating a profile, you will be eligible to follow project and follow projects for FREE!

This platform is competitive, and therefore individual effort is also paramount. For your project to be funder, you will need to carry out some marketing to draw people to your project. That means you will have to reveal enough information to potential sponsors to read through so that they can decide whether they are willing to support with some money. You can market your project through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and any other platforms that you think suits your project.

All funding is processed online through Wepay Payment Platform. This is a secure platform that permits you to receive money safely through credit card. That means that those who are willing to contribute towards your course will do so without much trouble processing the payment.

"There are many crowd-funding options available today, where we differ is our exclusivity to our Christian brothers and sisters." says Patrick Duffy.

We are a small for profit Christian company. We want to have a place where our community can come together and help each other fund their calling. The idea is for fellow believers to help each another through willful support to individual projects.

Ours is to provide a platform for those with life changing ideas to be able to implement them. We do understand that there are several people who have brilliant ideas, but who have no funds to quick-start their projects making it all go to the drain.

The main reason why we have kept everything open is because we know that the owner of the initiative is the best to oversee its implementation. We do not want a situation where one has an invaluable idea, solicits for funds, only for another person or entity to come in to implement it for him or her.

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