New Cloud Based Service Designed Exclusively for Mobile Job Seekers Looks to Raise $50,000 via Indiegogo

EmployThis is a suite of mobile ready power tools to help job seekers get hired. Want that "Dream Job?" Be prepared with EmployThis and land it!


Tampa Bay, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/11/2014 -- Whether searching for that dream job, or any job, every job seeker needs the right tools to succeed.

- With over 28 million people either out of work or seeking to improve their career by changing jobs, managing the job search is not an isolated issue.
- Job seekers have all faced problems including expired listings, lack of calendar integration, misplaced files, multiple resumes, and the inability to instantly access documentation whenever necessary.
- EmployThis automatically simplifies management of the job seeking process.

Paul Swengler, founder of EmployThis, says: “Finding a good job should not require learning new skills or becoming an expert in clerical work. It is absurd for every job seeker to create their own system for tracking their efforts. Seekers should be able to match each job posting to the specific internet site where it was found along with the cover memo and resume submitted during the application process. This data management problem is exacerbated with mobile devices that don’t have the capacity to manage large volumes of information. It’s a problem everyone has, or will face.”

EmployThis is an early adopter of a new class of elegantly designed cloud services. What makes it impressive is that it manages the job seeker’s files automatically. Users see a very simple pictorial interface that will fit on a smartphone.

Users of EmployThis can drag-and-drop files and web pages into their visual Job Map™ and it automatically links them to a newly displayed image. The traditional file-tree structures are available, but files can now be found by just clicking on the icons. It is truly point and click. The file types that can be connected include videos, resumes, company research, web pages and more.

Swengler adds: “There is a broad demand from users for software that will work gracefully on small screens. Our challenge was to find a way to render the power of a typical PC into something that will work on a smart phone. Users can find their files in ’just two clicks’™. It took us 10 years to create and it really works! Now we need to make it available to people who can really benefit”

Web pages are automatically saved and organized with other related information like a tickler, calendar, resume, and research about the company. All related information is just 'point-and-click' and instantly available.

EmployThis even provides job seekers the ability to create and privately distribute a video interview, or resume where they can send that video link to the employer. Only the employer and the job seeker have access to it.

By supporting EmployThis, contributors will be able to help create the first set of tools dedicated to mobile job seekers - all twenty three million (plus) of them. Early supporters of EmployThis are handsomely rewarded with very generous perks.

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About EmployThis: EmployThis is a powerful set of job seeker tools that allows users to drag-and-drop files and web pages into their visual Job Map™ while automatically linking, organizing and displaying the files. Contents can found instantly and opened by just clicking on an icon.

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