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New Club Launched to Help Women Become Financially Secure and Savvy


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2016 -- A lot of people are suffering from the dilemma of not being financially independent. There are many concepts that need to be known in order to gain financial independence.

Women in particular may find it even harder than men to deal with certain situations. This was the motive in starting Financially Savvy Women's Club, we want women to be prepared and secure with the financial decisions they make.  The key idea behind the site is to have women helping women understand the different monetary aspects.  Money becomes pivotal to get a clear picture of how money can be saved and utilized in an apt manner.

Managing debt and having an emergency fund are two of the core principles which one needs to know. Apart from this, it is also important to build the right assets and also store wealth.

One of the key spokeswomen was quoted as saying, "we have seen a lot of women struggling with some basic finances. They couldn't quite decide which way to go when confronted with certain financial decisions.  Many women rely on their husbands or partners to handle all important financial decisions and this inspired us to start a club just for women to become Financially Savvy with the help of other women.  Women buy women because we are more empathetic and sometimes easier to talk to when we don't understand something. We plan on helping a lot of women with these actions, plans and tips."

The need to become financially savvy and inevitably financially secure is gaining more importance; Financially Savvy Women's Club will be a big hit with the ladies. They have a detailed list of topics that are covered during the club meetings.  We have already been doing this in different cities around the U.S. helping they women get a better insight into how they can handle their finances and related issues.

Those who are interested in knowing more about these club meetings should leave their information and the team will get in touch with them. You can do this on our site (Tab Contact) or by liking their page at

We are also actively looking for women to help with this initiative. To learn more check out our site at

About Financially Savvy Women's Club
It is an up and coming website which is mainly geared at helping women find the right help in order to live a financially secured life.  There will be lessons and strategies offered for debt settlement, preserving wealth, building assets and making right investments.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Chris Quintana
Contact Number: 888-892-2407