New Colorado Company Unveils Lifestyle Program Empowering People with Enduring Health & Vitality


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2014 -- The health of America is in decline. One in two Americans has symptoms of chronic disease, two of three are either overweight or obese, and millions more suffer from fatigue, insomnia, or a lack of vitality.

Lifestyle changes are reported to positively impact or prevent upwards of 90% of chronic health conditions, but making positive steps in that direction are not always easy to act upon.

These are the reasons Gail Haun, RN & Master Credentialed Life Coach and Kathy Basel, holistic wellness coach formed Ideal Health Partners, a wellness company that focuses on mentoring people in attaining sustainable shifts in the way they think, eat and move in order to promote optimal health. They take a mind-body approach in facilitating people to discover the root cause of their own health challenges and shift the focus from a disease state to a new paradigm of wellness.

“The problem isn’t blood pressure, cholesterol or weight challenges. The real issues are out of balance lives – unfulfilled relationships, work-life stressors, feelings of overwhelm and hopelessness that are so prevalent in our busy society,” says Basel.

Haun adds, “What I’ve seen after coaching thousands across the United States is that people feel stuck and hopeless. In order to live a full, balanced life, we must be physically energized, emotionally connected, mentally focused and spiritually aligned with a purpose beyond our immediate self-interest. Our program isn’t about weight loss; it’s about finding a life that is vibrantly alive and happy in all aspects.”

Ideal Health Partner’s foundational program, Lifestyle Advantage, is a 6-week virtual program that includes an easy-to-follow plan complete with whole foods, weekly group support calls, stress-relieving modules, along with one-on-one sessions with a personal Lifestyle Advantage coach. Since the focus is on sustainable change, participants are given a full year’s access to an online tool to track their progress on 12 dimensions of well-being.

This program is a great solution for anyone seeking a tune-up of their health and vitality, those with early signs of conditions/disease or whose barometric numbers are elevated (such as blood pressure, cholesterol, and/or blood sugar), people concerned with the metabolic syndrome or pre-diabetes or simply seeking increased energy throughout the day.

The results are impressive. Participants have enjoyed a near 100% success in the physical aspect of weight loss, lost sugar and processed foods cravings, better sleep, less joint pain and relief of other symptoms.

Basel says, “The real win is the mindset shifts. People are joyous again! The process is actually fun. As a natural consequence of restored balance in their lives, the body begins to heal itself, weight comes off, and symptoms go away.”

Haun adds, “The first step is to help people believe again that it is possible to take back their health. We help them personalize a plan that works for them that includes simple changes on a daily basis and creates a lifetime of better health. This program is great for anyone wrestling with symptoms or who hope to optimize their energy, vitality, radiant beauty, and longevity.”

For more information or to register for the Lifestyle Advantage Program, contact:

Kathy Basel
Tel: 720-509-5996,