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New Comb in Production Specifically Made for Grooming Beards

A new comb is being produced that is specially made for men who want to be able to groom their beards on the go.


Mentor, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- HandleBeard is a product, invented by Joe Bencar of Mentor, OH. The specially made comb is design specifically for beard grooming. This small aluminum grooming tool is being marketed to men who have little time to spend grooming themselves in the mirror each and every morning. This product promises mobility, sturdiness and high quality.

Though the HandleBeard is made to actually work with any type of facial hair, Bencar also is putting a comical spin on the product, saying " Men have beards, and while doing manly activities like wading through swamps, wrestling bears, scaling redwoods, and bare knuckle boxing, those beards can get out of control. Seeing that ( real ) men don’t carry purses or have fanny packs, there’s little room to carry an awkward, bulky or long comb. ".

While some may not take the HandleBeard very seriously, unlike many other novelty gifts, this product is very durable. Made of 1/8 inch thick aluminum, the 3 1/2 inch comb is made to last. A clasp on one side of the mustache shaped comb allows it to easily connect to a key chain or belt. If his project is successful, Bencar also has plans on creating a premium version of the HandleBeard made of solid titanium and in several different colors. Due to the added cost of creating a product in more costly alloys, Bencar will wait to see if the revenue allows for such a variety in his product line.

Bencar was also quoted as saying, "After making numerous prototypes, I made the teeth of the comb spaced out a bit wider than many other beard combs on the market. I already have a machining company ready and lined up, which has impressed me with both the quality and the cost per unit. Now it's all about seeing if the interest is there to fuel a minimum order quantity as well as expand the material options and colors. "

In order to lower the overall cost of his product, Bencar is looking to build funds so that he can order production of the HandleBeard in bulk. Bulk orders will significantly lower the cost of production. Bencar has created a crowdfunding campaign on the popular website Kickstarter. Like many others before him, the inventor will be giving away perks to anyone who pledges at least $5. Depending on the size of the donation, a backer can get an unfinished prototype or two finished, anodized in black HandleBeards, with stainless steel carabiners. The prototypes are expected to ship out in October of this year and all other orders will be completed the following month in November.

In order to get more information about the HandleBeard, visit the Kickstarter campaign page here

Contact Information
Name: Joe Bencar
Phone: 614-572-7367
Address: 9102 Bernwood Ct., Mentor, OH 44060
United States