New Company Creates a Way to Help Local Businesses Thrive

A new French company builds a business model around helping other local businesses start, grow and thrive.


Auch, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- Lacanne Dimitri is the owner of D.I.M., a company he started as a way to help other local businesses thrive. The goal of the company is to find away to make helping people profitable. Through adequate funding and with the help of experienced business lawyers, D.I.M. will help small business owners develop a business plan, build funds, structure their business properly and build a successful and profitable company.

"Accompanied by business lawyers, we will work to accomplish and support others to enable them to create their businesses and give them additional options so that they can have an optimal start with their projects. We will be primarily, among other things, a company and private investor.", says a representative from the company.

In order to help build the funds that will be needed to properly start this type of business, Dimitri will be selling shares of the business to potential investors. He hopes that this will not only fund future ventures but also help to create a profit for himself, his company, the businesses he will be helping, as well as, his investors and shareholders.

Dimitri is looking to sell 250,000 shares of his newly created company in small packages of between 5 and 50 shares. One of the first projects that D.I.M. will be investing in is the company Omega CODE. His plan is to grow shareholder's investments to over 250% in the span of approximately 3 years.

A representative from the company was also quoted as saying, "Our priority by the end of this year is to buy 30% of the shares of the company Omega CODE capital. They are preparing to launch a franchise project VIP Concept with a national scope and a forecast of very substantial earnings.".

While Dimitri admits that there are some risks that he and his investors will have to face, he will attempt to keep these necessary risks as low as possible by carefully choosing which companies he will be investing in and keeping the capitol in low risk investments. When asked about potential risks and losses in revenue, Dimitri was quoted as saying, " This company is set up to make money, not lose it, and we will work with that philosophy in mind.".

In order to help promote his new company and find potential investors who may be interested in purchasing shares, Dimitri has opened up a crowdfunding campaign on the popular website Indiegogo. The company will be offering its shares in the form of perks for the backers who choose to participate. Shares of the new company can be purchased for as low as $10 each. For more information about D.I.M. or their crowdsourcing campaign, visit their Indiegogo page right here.

Contact Information :

Name : Lacanne Dimitri
Phone : 00 33 65 98 51 908
Email :
Address : 88 Rue De Metz Auch 32000 France