New Cone Bottom Tank Range for All Liquids That Require Separation and Drainage


Peterborough, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/01/2014 -- Peterborough-based Enduramaxx reveals it’s new conical tank range that features capacities up to 30,000 litres, enabling the safe storage of all liquids and chemicals that require separation and drainage of sediment and impurities.

For farming, harvest time brings a demand for cone bottom tanks as apple growers and cider makers demand storage tanks that, not only protect their liquids from the elements, but also allow for sediment to sink to the bottom where it can be drained off. As such, wine makers and beer brewers also derive the same benefits from conical tanks. Another bi-product of harvest is molasses, a base for many feeds, and conical tanks are perfect for storing and draining this liquid too.

Peterborough based Enduramaxx, a company well know in for producing quality, rugged industrial storage tanks and rainwater tanks, announces it’s new improved and extended cone bottom tank range, which includes conical tanks featuring drainage ranging from 5 degrees through to 60 degrees and capacities from 250 litres through to a new 30,00 litres. Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks are rotationally moulded using one piece of UV-stabilised polyethylene. The resulting product is extremely robust and protects all liquids from the elements.

Cone bottom tanks are suitable for the storage of most industrial liquids and chemicals and are ideal for manufacturing, engineering, construction and many other industrial applications. Liquids ranging from liquid feed and liquid fertiliser are also suitable for storage in conical tanks and they make for perfect chemical mix tanks and holding tanks. These industrial mix storage tanks are also a perfect inductor tank, chemical supply tanks and are ideal for the production and storage of biodiesel, again, with the conical design allowing for separation and drainage of sediment. For industrial customers, Enduramaxx offers a chemical compatibility check with every enquiry.

About Enduramaxx
Enduramaxx has always helped farmers to harness free rainwater through rainwater harvesting solutions and Enduramaxx cone bottom tanks enable farmers to separate sediment, sludge and also iron from water derived from boreholes and rainwater harvesting solutions.

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