New Controversial Self Help Book 'How to Clean the Shxt out of Your Life' Inspires Readers & Improves Lives


Leeds, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2013 -- Free Urban motivational guide ‘How to clean the shxt out of your life’ inspires readers with a kick up the backside coupled with a touch of street wise humour without having to pay a penny for the book

Writer Justin Lue releases his free 200 page motivational guide which is packed with advice, anecdotes, examples and exercises to provoke the mind, touch the soul and kick the reader up the backside. This controversial guide fuses streetwise wisdom with ideas inspired from various disciplines such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnosis, Creative Visualisation, Gestalt Therapy, Zen philosophy, NLP and more. This melange of ideas comes together almost effortlessly in this easy to read, down to earth, solution oriented guide which is aimed at readers from teenagers to adults. Justin Lue stated ‘I have written this book so that anyone can gain inspiration from the various chapters and use the exercises to stimulate and activate real change’. He continued ‘I have written a 200 hundred page guide as I want to give the reader various tools and ideas to help initiate change or improve his or her life’.

The fluid, street wise style described as urban motivation reads like a best friend telling people those home truths they need to hear in very frank language that packs a real punch. The cover might be somewhat shocking for some and hilarious for others but don’t be fooled by it. This book is a serious and well-structured guide that offers insights and guidance from controlling ones thoughts to how to improve their relationships with others.’ How to clean the shxt out of your life’ is a very practical guide for challenging negative thought patterns and gaining an understanding of how those patterns influence personal development. Though shocking at times, it does seem to guide the reader very effectively to take control of their thoughts and feelings in order to create more success in their life.

Whether the reader needs simple tools to help them improve their life or an entrepreneur in need of business inspiration there is something for everyone in this book. This is certainly worth the read especially because the whole course can be downloaded for free from a great book to help anyone who needs inspiration to help them with their new year’s resolutions.