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New CrowdFunding Platform Seeks to Make Way for a Better Online Alternative


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- New online crowdfunding platform, TeamWorkFundingcom opens its portal to the public and is seeking for more people to try the alternative portal they're offering. The site has a one-stop registration access for project starters, offers a space to actively communicate with fans through social media networks and encourages project posters to post a video to get more message effectively across while conserving space.

Current Affairs

The site currently has 3 active projects currently seeking public funding through the platform.

The very first initiative was a 'Supplies for Schools in Barbados' project. This will help raise money to send school supplies to needing communities in Barbados, particularly in the Primary Workman's School. Target aim funding is $1,200. It has already raised $165 as of this writing and has only 7 remaining days left to achieve this goal. This project was started by Steve Barrow.

Second project was an initiative from Erica Timmons. She particularly wants to help over 1,000 homeless kids in Duval County School Board System in Florida by raising $500 and be able to afford these children free school supplies and backpacks. The project has raised $45 and will remain needing of more funds for 34 more days.

Third and newest project is for the MORE program or 'Making Our Resources Everlasting' as started by PS Youth. This organization supports college-bound students whose family are financially incapable of supporting them throughout their tertiary education. Any funding for support in their endeavor will be tax-deductible. They need $2,000 total, already raised $20 and still has 41 days remaining.

The new crowdfunding platform is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but is currently available throughout the United States of America.

What is CrowdFunding?

A once new practice that has received rising popularity through increased public awareness by major online crowdfunding platform pioneers IndieGoGo (2008), KickStarter (2009) and GoFundMe (2010) who are still very popular today.

It is an act of raising capital or funding any type of business venture or project through the consenting public, usually done online.

Its first mention is credited to Michael Sullivan in fundavlog in August of 2006.

Common participants in this funding model which deviates from the traditional methods [bank, angel investors and venture capitalists] is the platform [in this case, TeamWorkFunding], the project initiator, and the people willing to fork out money to help realize the project.

The crowdfunding industry has grown into a hefty $5.1 billion market just last year.

As an alternative online crowdfunding platform, its proponents aims to cater to not just business ventures but also focus on social problems that need funding. Their current projects mirror this passion as they continue to grow in the crowdfunding shift of perspective.


Steve Barrow
Fort Lauderdale, FL