New Data Backup Feature in ezCheckPersonal Check Printing Software Increases Security

Easy Backup & Restore Added to Personal Check Writing Software


Louisville, KY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2012 -- New database back-up and restore features in ezCheckPersonal check writing software guards users’ data against loss due to computer crashes, viruses and similar data-loss events. The latest edition also includes updates to simplify installation for Windows Vista users.

Designed to give individuals and families the ability to save money by printing their own checks from home, ezCheckPersonal from http://www.Halfpricesoft.com now includes a back-up and restore system that protects users’ check-writing data from loss. With just a few clicks of the mouse, users’ checking account and payee data can be saved to an external hard drive, cloud drive or removable media. Should the user lose their main file due to computer crash, disc corruption, virus or other event, the back-up file is easily recovered and imported to the re-installed ezCheckPersonal.

“Users of our business products have enjoyed the security of easy back-up and restore features and we decided customers of ezCheckPersonal should have access to that same peace of mind,” said Halfpricesoft.com founder Dr. Ge. “Losing important account data is a huge inconvenience and as people use the internet more and more, the dangers of viruses, hackers and other threats increase the chance of losing that important data. The new features in ezCheckPersonal check writing software allow users to safely back-up and protect their data without hassle or computer programming skills.”

The new version 2.0.6 of ezCheckPersonal check writing software also includes updates to the installation package, making the process easier for Windows Vista users. In the past, some Windows Vista users with limited access permissions reported problems installing and running the software. In the latest edition, this problem has been remedied.

Personal check writing software saves users time and money

With ezCheckPersonal check writing software, users can print checks quickly and effortlessly from home using their home computer using a standard laser printer. Information for checks can be automatically added to a check when a previous payee is selected, significantly cutting time spent paying bills. And printing from home saves money by eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed checks. Blank checks can be printed ahead of time for in-store purchases.

Additional features of ezCheckPersonal include:

- Intuitive graphical interface leads users step by step through check writing and printing
- Edit check layout and create customized personal checks
- Supports unlimited number of bank accounts
- Print signature image on checks
- Print a logo or graphic on checks for customized look
- Easy import and export of data
- Support multiple check formats (3 or 4 checks per page)
- Compatible with QuickBooks and QuickBooks check-printing format
- Never run out of checks — more checks are as close as the nearest business supply store or order online at http://www.halfpricesoft.com and choose Next Day Shipping

Customers can try ezCheckPersonal check writing software risk free
Customers can try ezCheckPersonal free to ensure it meets their needs. Users simply download the fully functional software at http://www.halfpricesoft.com/check-printing-software.asp and begin using it. If customer likes it, he can purchase a license key for just $24 per installation to unlock ezCheckPersonal for unlimited use.

To save even more money, customers can get the full-version license for free through a special offer with TrialPay. Details online.

About ezCheckPersonal check writing software
Louisville, Ky.-based Halfpricesoft.com is the developer of ezCheckPersonal and can be found online at http://www.halfpricesoft.com. Halfpricesoft.com also has a complete lineup of affordable and easy-to-use tax and financial software titles for small businesses, including ezW2, ezPaycheck, ezCheckPrinting, ezBarcodePrinting and ezTimeSheet.