New Dating App to 'Shake Up' Mobile Date Industry

Mingleby, a new social discovery app for casual and romantic encounters, is set to be released in the Australian app stores late December 2013.


East Brisbane, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2013 -- According to the app’s creator and spokesperson, Jay Salton, Mingleby is a social dating app with a difference.

What’s the difference?

“It enables users to find people nearby who are looking for a date,” says Jay, who is inviting people to visit their site and join the A-list to be the first to be notified of the launch.

“Mingleby also features a blind date feature and a booty call feature,” adds Jay, who reiterates the app will be in the Goolge Play and iOS App stores in late December.

Mingleby, which specifically targets single men and women throughout Australia, who would like to date people in their local area.

“Mingleby, which caters to every one’s needs when it comes to mobile dating, will be a free app that will help people in their dating life,” notes Jay, who strongly believes the app will shake up the mobile dating industry with its new Blind Date and Booty Call features.

As an artist and dreamer, especially one who loves creating mobile games and apps, Jay loves the fact that he can turn his ideas in to something that people love to use each day. That something is Mingleby, a testimony to his living and breathing in the mobile world.

“When I’m asleep, I dream about programming. When I’m awake, I turn coffee into code,” says Jay, who points to the following information about Mingleby:

- A person logs in to the app via Facebook login and is able to promote the app to their FB friends. They are able to setup their profile, upload images, enter their sexual orientation, their hobbies, interests, favorite hangout spots etc.

- They can then match any two of their friends who use the app and those friends will get each other's profile as a match suggested and then will be able to initiate chat among themselves. If that friend is on FB but not a Mingleby mobile app user, they will receive an email saying they have been suggested as a possible match and must download the app to check it out.

- The user can also like or dislike any profile that is being suggested to them by the server. If the opposite party also 'likes' the user back, then both of them are notified that they like each other, and so can start a chat session to take it forward.

- When a user is within a vicinity of 1 km or some similar specifiable distance, of another individual who is compatible with their profile by more than 60% or another specifiable percentage, they are notified of their compatibility and are able to initiate a chat session with each other.

When a person has liked or disliked suggested profiles, and wants a second look at the set of profiles they disliked, they can hit a button called 'Recall profiles' or shake the phone with the 'Suggested Profiles' screen, so that even the discarded profiles are populated back in the list again.

- A user can click a button that says 'Share Profile', which will be a unique URL of the profile they are looking at. It’s sharable via text messaging, email or FB. This way, they can send the profile to their friends who, upon clicking the link, will be asked to install and open the app to view the profile. They can then send messages to their friend about the profile shared.

- Booty Call: When someone is just looking to hook up, they click this button and suddenly, people around them, in a specified vicinity with similar compatibility and orientation, will receive the invite and will be able to initiate a chat with them.

- Blind Date: A user navigates to the Blind Date tab of the app, they are able to enter the date, time and place that they are open to a blind date. Our server, which has the massive data of people's personal interests, hobbies, jobs etc. has already matched people and has given scores to compatibility. Once someone with more than 60 per cent compatibility selects the same date, time and place as their preference for the blind date, sends each other's non-identifiable data to each other and there begins the fun. Five minutes before the actual date, each persons will received each other's actual identity, so that they can find each other.

For further information about getting on the Mingleby A-List, please visit the following website: