New Dating Blog Exposes the Hidden Truths About Dating Launches Dating Blog That Is Educational And Fun


Bangkok, Thailand -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/31/2012 --, has one of the most active Dating Blogs in the industry. Online Daters from all walks of life stop by the Blog to Post their tales of lessons to be learned, and types of daters to be avoided. All kinds of blog posts can be found here, from hair-raising encounters to genuine love stories.

Once a reader starts checking out these blog posts, which are updated frequently, it is hard to stop reading them. It happens to be very entertaining, besides seeing first hand how dating can affect people. It is important to keep in mind that there are a lot of novice online daters. They can only ask their friends just so many questions, and perhaps not get the correct answers.

So where is a person to turn for the real lowdown on online dating? The Dating Blog at is the place to go for The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Daters have no hesitation about posting their most personal of dating experiences for all to see. In many cases, this is pure therapy for the poster, but is also a wealth of information for the blog readers.

Topics are discussed that often play a large part in the success or failure of relationships. These kinds of topics carry over from online dating to offline dating as well. If a person will lie on their online dating profile, they will probably be a liar offline as well. Ever see a profile picture that turns out to be ten years old? This happens way too often, as if the difference between reality and an old picture will never be discovered by the potential dater.

Is that any way to start a relationship? Women lie about their weight, and men lie about their height. How much sense does it make for a person to say they are six feet tall, when they are really 5'1" tall? How absurd, do they honestly think their secret will not be found out? Maybe they are fooling themselves, because they will not be fooling anyone when they go for that first meeting.

There are ways to tell if a potential date is a liar. Certain telltale signs can be discerned by a close examination of their profile. This is exactly the type of information that is available on the blog pages. A visitor can pick-up tips and advice from people that have either fallen in love, or headed for the hills from reading the blog and info about reviews.

In the blog as well as a detailed info on sites reviews

Instead of bouncing around from one dating site to another, and laying out membership fees, only to discover you aren’t happy with the site, now there is a place to go to get the facts on all of them. Cupid’s Library lists over 340 online dating sites, and over 59 categories to explore. To belong to an advanced web portal like this one, usually requires a sign-up fee but this is not the case here.