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New Dermal Filler Exlusively from Dr. Anne Herman MD

Dr. Anne Herman MD offers Belotero Balance, a new superior dermal filler that is not found in other places in the market.


St Pete, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/28/2012 -- Denise Merdich, MS, ARNP national aesthetic trainer and injector for 15 years is now offering saturday's providing inject able services like botox and dermal fillers for your anti-aging needs in St. Petersburg Beach. Her aesthetic background began in plastic surgery then progressed into developing an injectable business and better known locally as "the decrease queen". Her primary goal is to help others achieve a "radiant more dynamic, fresher look for one's age group" Her passion for beauty and facial rejuvenation has lead her to be one of most respected injectable trainers for many physicians.

Looking young has always been important to people especially to those who were just there. Many people spend a lot to make themselves younger so beauty and anti-aging is a major industry in the world. People take different measures, buy many anti-aging products and go through different procedures. There are many nutritional supplements that restore a person’s vitality, so the face and body look younger when they are healthier. There are also many topical creams and serums that people can use on their skin as well. Some people prefer taking heavier measures such as plastic and cosmetic surgery. Some of the more popular and effective methods to make people look younger are dermal fillers. A new product to hit the market of dermal fillers is Boletero Balance and has become quite popular because of its unique properties and where it can be used.

Boletero Balance has become a new favorite for patients especially those who are used to using dermal fillers because it can be used to fill more superficial areas that other dermal fillers such as Botox and Dysport cannot be used at. These derma fillers are meant to be applied to deeper layers of the skin to add more volume to that area. They cannot be applied to the finer lines and wrinkles around the area of the mouth and eyes since they cause swelling and discoloration in the areas. Boletero Balance does not cause swelling and discoloration so the fine lines around these areas can now be fixed, hence a rejoicing for dermal filler patients.

Boletero Balance is a new product and cannot be found just anywhere. Dr. Anne Herman MD in St Petersburg proudly offers Boletero Balance to their patients as well as other wellness and anti-aging services. This is the best place people can get Boletero Balance. People still looking for Botox and other dermal fillers, this place also offers the best Botox deals in town. Dr. Anne Herman MD also offers Accent Radio Frequency Skin Tightening. It’s the best non-invasive skin tightening treatment. It’s a safe and pain-free way to lift and tighten one’s skin without liposuction and injections. The treatment is fast and can be done anywhere on the face and body. Dr. Anne Herman MD still has many wellness and anti-aging services to choose from. People can simple call and make that appointment to try out these new excellent products and feel the results today.

About Belotero Balance
Belotero Balance is a new dermal filler that can be applied to the superficial lines and wrinkles on the face to remove them that other dermal fillers cannot. For more information, contact Dr. Anne Herman MD at contact@doctorhermann.com or (727) 280-6087.