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New Detox Cleanse Released on Amazon by Green Tree Life Sciences


LightHouse Point, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/28/2014 -- The detox cleanse niche of supplements has been stirred up with Green Tree Life Sciences making their own product available on the website. Green Tree is known for its high quality weight loss products, and has brought this same attention to detail with their Amazing Miracle Cleanse Detoxification product.

The Amazing Miracle Cleanse acts as a colon cleanser and relieves poor health symptoms ranging from lack of energy, gas, constipation, all the way to bloated midsections and weight gain. Also, by improving digestion Amazing Miracle Cleanse makes other vitamins and nutrients more bio-available greatly increasing their positive benefits. The supplement is 100% safe and natural and manufactured to the highest standards by Green Tree.

The feedback from customers has been resoundingly positive. Eric M. commented on Amazon's website "Great product! It does a good job of settling the stomach and detoxing your body." This feedback has set Amazing Miracle Cleanse apart from other detox cleanse products which have received much less solid reviews.

To raise the profile of the Amazing Miracle Cleanse on Amazon a special coupon has been announced by Green Tree, which is good for a $10 discount. This discount will be good for one week after its release or until supplies last. The coupon code is AMCWORKS and can be used at checkout.

About Detox Cleanse
The detox cleanse from Green Tree is expected to sell fast between high customer interest, Green Tree's reputation as a leader in the field and the first week's significant discount. Detox supplements have continued to be popular and with the high quality of Amazing Miracle Cleanse being beyond a doubt it's likely that this supplement will rise to the head of its category fast.

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