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New Diet and Lifestyle Portal Launched as the Countdown Begins


Naharyia, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- As the world braces and prepares for the holiday season, more people are looking for advice online about eating healthy, staying healthy and remaining in control of potential weight gain. That’s the main reason why the team at have launched a brand new portal offering valuable advice to their growing numbers of online readers.

“It’s not just about diets. It’s about lifestyle, healthy eating and exercising at the right times in the right way,” stated Lisa Singer. Lisa is a qualified nutritionist and health expert, putting her name and input to the new portal.

The team also consists of Charles Singer, a veteran writer of weight loss methodology and Jonathan Walsh who has personally battled against weight gain for the majority of his life.

“Eating healthy and staying healthy is a personal choice.” Walsh commented. “For me, I knew it was more than a lifestyle change. I had to keep healthy as a means to survive. At times it certainly wasn’t easy. There are many different diet plans, fitness routines and experts, but it all came down to one thing, willpower.”

Charles Singer added, “ is the collective knowledge of three people who have decided to offer their knowledge to others through the medium of the Internet. In the portal we write about the good, bad and sometimes the ugly side of dieting and healthy living, but in the end only the reader can decide it it’s the path for them.”

The portal will endeavor to show people the right way to go about dieting and starting exercise programs. The launch also offers new users with free membership and free access to all areas of the site for a limited time.

The mission statement of the new portal as laid out by its founders is simple “We aim to give our readers unprecedented knowledge in order to create a healthier existence.”

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LoseWeightFromThighs.Com is a lifestyle web portal written by a small team of nutrition and diet experts.   The primary goal is to share knowledge, advice and tips about diets, exercising and healthier living.

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