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New Diet App Helps Blogger Shrink 5 Cm off Her Waist


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2014 -- #StellaShapeUp blogger Alice Dogruyol has undertaken the challenge to shed the excess weight while testing the new Watchfit app - an innovative solution, providing full diet and workout plans, created by experts.

Alice has started her weight loss journey with a 3-day detox plan, available within the app. The reported result was a stunning 5 cm off her waist and a wave of compliments about her glowing skin. She has also been learning some new healthy habits, like ordering the salad dressing on the side and reducing her champagne intake.

Alice’s #StellaShapeUp challenge started after she spent 2 weeks in Zambia, where she was working with street kids. Although her time there made her realize that size 0 is not the standard of beauty in absolutely every corner of this world, she felt determined to make a change. Upon arrival back home, Alice equipped herself with the necessary tools for the challenge and downloaded the Watchfit app. The app would tell Alice what to eat, when to eat, as well as guiding her through a daily workout, demonstrated by National Fitness Champion Mario Hervas. Alice kicked off the challenge by going on a 3 day detox, where she had to consume 3 smoothies per day and nothing else. She admits the planning required was a challenge on its own. Apart from that,

“The detox felt really good: my skin cleared up (it was glowing!) and I was full of energy. I didn't feel hungry because the smoothies were protein-rich and quite thick. I lost 2 kilos and centimetres are dropping off my waist.”

Alice also points out that conjuring up the motivation to complete the daily workout was possibly the hardest bit of it all. Still, she stuck to them and made every effort to move throughout the day.

Alice will continue with the challenge by following the rest of the plans, made available in the Watchfit app. The next one is a 7-day Kick-Starter plan, which she’s already started. The initial drop in size and pounds has given her the inspiration to keep going, and her results will be strictly documented on her column at the

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