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New Diet Tweaking System Maximizes Calorie Reduction While Eliminating the Need to be a Calorie Counter


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/22/2011 -- A new guide available from the Website burncaloriesx.com reveals how anyone can make simple and easy tweaks to their daily lives and lose as much as 500 calories a day. The guide is the counterweight to the persistent calorie counter approach that shows users how to achieve weight loss goals with no diet, no exercise and no gadgets to burn calories fast with just three easy tweaks to their daily life.

What all of the expensive weight loss and exercise regimens don’t tell consumers is that some people can easily lose weight because certain switches are turned on in their bodies that allow them to eat what they want without weight gain. In the past, reaching a certain age has repeatedly been touted as a point where these switches are reversed. According to this theory, people who previously could eat anything they wanted have to change their lifestyles and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight. The truth is, this can happen to anyone at any time in life, and if the switch is turned off, certain symptoms become obvious.

These symptoms include gaining weight easily, difficulty with losing weight regardless of effort, incessant cravings for unhealthy foods, being chronically tired and a persistent depression that settles from the inability to lose weight.

The revolutionary guide from author Edward J. Jackson entitled The Diet Tweak System shows how anyone can move away from being a calorie counter to a person who burns an additional 500 calories a day by simply following some simple tweaks to their lifestyle as outlined by the guide.

These small tweaks are said to literally transform how the body burns fat and calories as it keeps extra food intake at bay. This can be accomplished with no change to diet or to the user’s fitness program. Most people can begin implementing the tweaks at any time and begin feeling the results almost immediately.

According to the guide, one of the central tenets to losing weight is not necessarily about shedding off the pounds but how to prevent one’s body from packing them on. This reversal to the traditional perception of health and weight loss is one of the keys to the success of the system.

By following the guidelines in the The Diet Tweak System, being a calorie counter will be a thing of the past. Once a user implements these small tweaks into their daily life, they’ll easily shake off thousands of calories a week, says the website.

With no diet, exercise or gadgets, everyone can stop being a calorie counter and burn calories fast with three simple tweaks a day. For more information on The Diet Tweak System, or to order the guide, please visit http://www.burncaloriesx.com/.