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New Directory to Reveal Best Rehabs in Florida


Fort Lauderdale, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2013 -- A new directory style website has launched with the intention of finding the best rehabs in Florida. The Directory will include Rehabs, Detox Centers, Mental Health Professionals, Interventionists, Coaches, Criminal Lawyers, Holistic Service Providers and other professionals devoted to helping addicts recover from addiction. The goal of the directory is not only to give addicts and families and friends of addicted loved ones access to pertinent information they need for treatment in Florida, but to provide them with only the very best Florida Addiction Professionals and resources so that they may easily find the help they need.

It can be confusing and overwhelming when searching for the best rehabs in Florida. With so families dealing with loved ones caught in the grips of addiction, there is a danger of rushing to pick a treatment center or facility without thoroughly investigating it first. Choosing the best addiction treatment while emotions are high and your loved one’s life may be at stake can be costly. Many families have already spent a small fortune on treatment for their addicted loved one, often without positive results.

The Florida Addiction Resource Directory provides resources for families who are desperate for help. They need--and deserve--the best resources available to help their addicted family members. They live in a world of despair and heartache, watching their beloved children, friends and relatives being destroyed by addiction. By giving them quick and easy access to a directory website filled with addiction help and resources, these families will be better prepared and make sound decisions when choosing treatment.

The Florida Addiction Resource Directory currently is in the process of carefully hand selecting the best rehabs in Florida and other addiction resources. Each professional, facility and treatment center will be thoroughly vetted and extensively researched before being accepted. The website is currently featuring articles on addiction, with articles on Florida laws like the Marchman Act and Baker Act and information on the dangers of drugs like Robotripping and Bath Salts.

The website will be officially launched featuring  the best rehabs in Florida and other addiction professionals within the next 6 weeks. A book version of the Directory is slated to published in January 2014 and will be available for sale on Amazon and Barnes and The book will feature all of the addiction professionals who are featured in the directory and will be given away for free to various organizations that help families of addicted children. For more information, please contact Christina Rowe at 732-501-6445 or email at

Florida Addiction Resource Directory, 2637 E Atlantic Blvd #25574, Pompano Beach, FL   33062

Contact: Christina Rowe