New Distribution Network Uses 100 Year Old System


Cornwall, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2013 -- Some old systems work better than the modern internet. Each and every product may well need a different approach to maximise the effect of their marketing campaign. At this 100 year old system is explored and developed in a new marketing approach.

"Of course the extent of this can be determined by the budget each company has available. But optimising the leaflet distribution in your marketing campaign is essential," says chief marketing manager Paul Biggs. Paul continued, "Every company needs to bear in mind that a leaflet needs to attract attention and keep that attention. Offering a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE pizza for example, may not be much use on a Monday, but on a Friday or Saturday, everyone maybe interested."

Following the principles of those 100 year old marketing campaigns can help some local businesses expand their market to new customers.

So the leaflet needs to almost speak in a SHOUT rather than a gentle roar; and maybe half the leaflet dedicated to illustration by diagram rather than text, so the impact is immediate and then the leaflet has value. Too much text will bore the reader.

A similar parallel will be the Conservatory business. The leaflet is selling products at around £15,000 so the leaflet needs to excel in quality and professionalism. Pictures speak a 1000 words - so a leaflet without pictures or diagrams will most likely fail in their campaign.

Saying HELLO and THIS IS WHAT WE DO is often not enough. Saying the same with - BUT THIS IS WHAT WE HAVE ON OFFER THIS MONTH - will have a better impact.

Marketing is a complex subject ... but keeping it simple would be - half the page to two thirds = THE OFFER including images, the final part = the finer detail.

Create a catchy heading, the offer, finer details if needed, ASK for ACTION, give them the address or phone number...

Experiment with different headlines, special offers, deadlines, and even distribution methods. Through tracking the effectiveness of various leaflet types a loss-making form of marketing can become highly profitable.
The effectiveness of each type of leaflet can be tracked through using different phone numbers, or different promotional codes.

Leafletsareus are experienced marketers and realise how important it is to get good results from any campaign ... They favour this analogy to marketing with leaflets, say Paul Biggs the chief marketing manager, "It's like riding a bicycle, the moment you stop pedalling is when everything comes to a halt..." Leaflet Distribution can be like this, but not exclusively as many just want to announce some news. Maybe you are opening a new restaurant, cafe, wine bar, maybe you are new owners and want to publicise a new plan of action. Perhaps you have a nationwide service that you want to test in certain neighbourhoods, certain postcodes or even certain age groups.

Announcing they are returning to this 100 year old marketing campaign may shock some but say it is their main concern is to excel in improving the marketing potential by providing customised brand selling campaigns for product, services and events. Leaflet campaigns need to gain maximum exposure... and therefore the results businesses need in expanding their brands and reinforcing their whole message to specific demographics effectively.

The current offer is £30 per 1,000 leaflets, and they suggest potential customers who wish to benefit from this 100 year old treasure of a marketing solution should act fast to retain this budget price.

It is important to note that they cover the whole of the UK including Northern and Southern Ireland

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About LeafletsAreUs
They are a Specialised Leaflet Distribution Company with over 10 Years Experience. They have a testimonial page upon their website to prove that their skills and experience count to promote a ompanies product or service.