New Doctor (Dr. Courtney Kessler) Joins the Master Eye Associates Optometric Team


Memphis, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/02/2013 -- Master Eye Associates has been at service for a long time. The eye care facility caters services for the customers including lens fitting and eye surgery. Dr. Kessler has joined the team of Master Eye Associates and with her addition to the team; the team has become even more valuable. She is a well known and able eye specialist who has a passed malpractice screening and holds an active medical license along with a brilliant record against her name.

Mater Eye Associates holds a prime place because of the availability of doctors seven days a week. The able optometrists are there to deal with the eye and vision related issues arising to patients. Lens fitting services are also provided and the team specializes in tackling with the complex bifocal and astigmatism. Gas permeable lens are also fitted. A variety of colored lenses allow the patients to choose the right one for them. Dr. Buck is also a well known eye specialists with a complete knowhow about eye and visionary treatments. He also specializes in dealing with eye infections. He is a specialist and an esteemed professional in his community.

Whether there is eye infection or allergy, Mater Eye Associates have proper team to meet the needs. Eye doctors of Master Eye also take care of the eye lid disorders that are becoming common these days as well as the disease of dry eyes. LASIK is the surgery that is also known as the laser eye surgery. It uses the refraction of light with a specific frequency to correct the myopia and hyperopia of the eye. It also corrects the faulted astigmatism of the eye. Optometrist at the Master Eye Associates provides services for these too.

The availability of eye doctors at Master Eye makes it easier for the patients to suit their time rather than restricting to the schedule. Over all diagnoses and treatment of eye is done at the Master Eye by able doctors and staff who are working seven days a week to serve the emergencies as well. Now with the assistance of Dr. Kessler in the team, there is an addition of a lot more talent for eye care. For eye care and treatment like allergies and eye lid disorders, and even for the tasks of fitting colored and transparent eye lenses, Master Eye Associates holds the machinery and human resource to serve the purpose.

About Master Eye Associates
Master Eye Associates provide eye care and treatment services like lens fitting, laser surgery and dealing with eye infections, itching and eyelids disorder. The talented team of eye doctors serves the patients seven days a week.

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