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New Ebook Discusses Eating Like Paleolithic People

30 Minute Paleo Diet Expert in this short book discusses the main aspects of Paleolithic nutrition, therapeutic effects, lifestyle and its distinct differences.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2012 -- Author and nutritionist Michael Sullivan says returning to a simpler diet will lead people to being more heathly.

When he says a simpler diet, he’s talking about one that is thousands and thousands of years old. Older, in fact, than anything in any written historical records.

Paleolithic-old to get to the exact age.

Paleo diet anthropologists have studied the foods available during that time and learned about the people who lived then. Modern nutritionists have also studied these foods and found they are incredibly good for humans even today,” he said.

The food most people eat today is highly processed and packed with artificial ingredients. The human body did not evolve to process artificial ingredients, lots of sugar and lots of salt, Mr. Sullivan said.

“My book will show you the difference between what people have eaten for most of human history, recorded or not, and what we eat today. The differences may surprise you,” he said. “A lot of what people eat today has only existed in edible form in large quantities for the past 200 or fewer years.”

Mr. Sullivan promises readers will learn:

- Why eating grains, legumes, and dairy may be slowly killing you

- How to lose body fat, gain muscle, and transform your body composition

- How to dramatically increase your overall health & fitness by making simple changes in your diet

- How to easily control your blood sugar and always feel full after each meal

- How to heal your gut and digestive problems by eating like our ancestors

- Naturally reduce your allergy, acne, and eczema symptoms Reviews so far are positive with a 4.9 star ranking in the Amazon system.

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