New eBook Explores the Age-Old Question: Is It Better to Learn from Experience, or Learn from the Mistakes of Others?

Across every nation, in cites around the globe, and over the decades, humans continue to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. If you are ready to break the cycle of history repeating itself, enjoy the latest book by author Jean-Pierre Maurice’s “The Nine Pillars of Wisdom.”


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- Author Jean-Pierre Maurice has created a collection of powerful quotes and words of wisdom from philosophers and wise citizens of the world in his latest book “The Nine Pillars of Wisdom.” Not only does Jean-Pierre provide his readers with inspirational words of wisdom, but he presents a comprehensive guide of how to apply these words of wisdom to his reader’s daily lives.

The Nine Pillars of Wisdom is more than just a book of the same old quotes that you have read time and time again. It is a plan of action of how to use these powerful quotes to inspire change and stop the cycle of history repeating itself by human beings being too proud to listen to the wisdom and experience of others.

“There are life philosophies that apply to all of humanity” said Jean-Pierre Maurice, author of ‘The Nine Pillars of Wisdom’. “This is regardless of your age, gender, culture, religion, or the time or circumstances in which you live. I believe my part is to humbly identify and pass on the wisdom of great thinkers from around the world.”

In his book Jean-Pierre focus on how life is made for living, and how too many people choose to limit themselves by stubbornness, and the comfort of low expectations. He challenges his readers to be honest with themselves; and break their cycle of comfort to open up the door to happiness and personal freedom.

“There must be a balance between true innovations and risk.” said Bonnie Rosales, spokesperson of San Francisco based “The quotes in Jean-Pierre Maurice’s book are the legacy left behind by the teachers of the world to enlighten those who are open, ready, and willing to listen.”

The paperback edition of the “The Nine Pillars of Wisdom” can be purchased at the abebooks website. An ePub edition can be downloaded from Book World’s website.

About the Author: Jean-Pierre Maurice
Author Jean-Pierre Maurice was born on the island of Martinique. He enjoys travel and finding hidden treasures in the wisdom of the wise that lived before our time. You can learn more about the author and read his views at his blog.

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